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Use This Step-by-Step System to

Win More Games & Be More Confident
Every Time You Play!

Our Winner’s Kit has everything you will need to dominate. You will get:

Here’s the deal – most Madden advice is worthless. But our Madden Tips & Strategies are different…You’re about to see the exact strategies you can use to win hundreds of ranked games, stop the run & read options, and climb to the top of online leaderboards

  • …no matter the type of player you are
  • …even if you’re a beginner
  • …even if you’re a SIM player
  • …even if you’re an experienced tournament player
  • …even if you don’t have the time to spend practicing

Think it’s too good to be true? Keep reading and see why it’s not…

Why You Can Trust OUR Advice for
Becoming a Better Madden Player & Winning More Games

We’re Stephen Gibbons & Zach Farley (Sgibs & ZFarls). Over the past 6 years we have built popular Madden products, worked with EA SPORTS to improve each annual edition of the game, hosted the #1 live show “This Week in Madden” where we answered thousands of YOUR questions, plus we have been the trusted official strategy partner for EA SPORTS Madden NFL.

We’ve figured out exactly how to help gamers like you win more games, no matter the skill level, in Online Franchises, Madden Ultimate Team, and Online Ranked games.

While building our popular and effective products, we discovered one huge truth about helping you improve…

What was our discovery?

The tips & strategies that most “experts” share DON’T WORK. Most of them have only ever built a YouTube channel giving tips, and most of them have failed at that.

We have figured out exactly how to teach you to improve quickly (& most importantly) effectively. WE KNOW that what we share really works and we have the track record to prove it!

Time to brag for a quick second:

  • Over 8 million page views to the MaddenTips.com site
  • We have over 6 million YouTube views
  • We have sold over 150,000 print books in 3 years and over 10,000 digital Madden strategy products
  • Over 1 million forum member posts
  • Over 100,000 forum threads
  • We have over 38,000 vocal forum members
  • Over 17,000 Twitter followers (and growing)

Our numbers speak for themselves. It’s easy to see that we know a thing or two about helping you win more games playing Madden NFL.

How do we do it? First…

“Why Madden Players Lose Games”
“Why Most Madden Tips & Strategies Don’t Work”

There are hundreds of Madden YouTube channels, sites & Twitch channels giving advice. Most of these channels put out tips & strategies that are super-focused and made by people who post in their spare time. The harsh reality of this is that they aren’t dedicating 100% of their time and effort to help you improve.

You are someone that comes along and tries to use their advice…

  • …someone who works 9-5 and doesn’t have the time for complicated setups & guides
  • …someone who wants to not only win more games, but do it with class
  • …someone who wants to be able to understand WHY things work and not just get money plays
  • …someone who put the work in, but for one reason or another didn’t have any success

then you ask yourself WHY?!?

This Answer Might Surprise You

When Madden gamers start out they don’t know all the commands (buttons) needed to jump right into the most effective offensive & defensive plays. They then end up with super advanced offensive setups, defensive plays that require 5+ setups & even a guide they can’t use because of league rules.

The problem is, THEY WEREN’T READY TO USE THE TIPS & STRATEGIES! And because of this they get frustrated, feel lost & overwhelmed and stop playing. (Have you ever tried using tips before and had to stop because you couldn’t actually use them in game?)

It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s that the vast majority of Madden guides are too advanced for most gamers. That is why most people fail when using those Tips & Strategies.

Here’s the Secret
Winning More Games the Right Way

Winner's Kit Cover

It’s called the Winner’s Kit.

It costs $89.

Plus you’ll get 12 Pro Packs for the Ultimate Team mode with the purchase of this product! A code will be delivered that unlocks a weekly delivery of the packs.

We’ve some great news for you

We put new training into the Winner’s Kit this year that will get you up to speed with all the buttons and commands to become an advanced player.

Without further ado…

Start Playing Madden the Right Way

If you’re a Madden player who is looking to win more games this year, then the Winner’s Kit is perfect for you.

Here’s why:

We believe that most Madden gamers fail because they weren’t ready to use advanced tips & strategies. This short course was designed to get you ready for those tips & strategies. When you are looking to win more games, it doesn’t have to be hard, and this product is designed to help you get up to speed and eliminate that overwhelming feeling you have had in the past. We will show you all the why’s behind everything we do in Madden. We have helped thousands of gamers become better Madden Players.

Use This Step by Step System to
Have Lock Down Defense that Wins You Games

Get this – defense in Madden 15 doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Our Defensive Schemes make playing defense easier and more effective than anything you have tried, and failed with, before.

We are about to share with you our number one defensive strategy that has helped thousands win ranked games, dominate the MUT Leaderboards and stop opposing offenses dead in their tracks.

…even if you don’t have hours to dedicate to the game

…even if you can’t make multiple adjustments

…even if your defense is getting thrashed AT THIS VERY MOMENT

…it doesn’t even matter if you’re a beginner or tournament veteran

If you want your defense to win you games, instead of losing them…keep reading.

Why Our Defense Will Work For You
Start Dominating Games With Your Defense

There is one simple truth to our defensive schemes that has helped us teach thousands how to rely on their defense to win games.

But before we share with you our secret to lights out defense in Madden 15…

Over the past 6 years of creating the best Madden Tips & Strategies, we discovered that most players were missing one key piece to their defensive schemes.

They were missing out on the ability to defend any single offensive concept from the line of scrimmage.

One of the most popular offensive strategies in Madden is the no huddle. This leaves defenses in an extreme disadvantage and vulnerable to quick developing offenses.

What we introduced to the community was to always give yourself the ability to call every single basic coverage in the game.

This can be done by using any defensive formation in the game and then selecting a Cover 4 Zone coverage from that formation.

After calling the Cover 4 Zone, the defense now has the ability, via quick audibles, to play a Cover 2 Man, Cover 2 Zone, Cover 3 Zone and a man to man blitz.

This one piece of advice will literally improve your defense overnight. It gives you a play to use against every single offensive concept your opponent might use.

Why Most Defensive Schemes Don’t Work
Start Dominating Games With Your Defense

The vast majority of defensive schemes that exist aren’t COMPLETE.

They aren’t even “schemes”.

They’re typically one play, with one setup and then its on to the next.

Our defensive schemes work because we give you an entire onslaught of plays, adjustments and specific situations to put your defense in the best position possible.

We also cater to the guys that can’t make a ton of adjustments for one reason or another.

A few years back we created the “Ice D” (aka Lazy Man’s D) and its the perfect defense for anyone that:

…plays in leagues with rules against multiple adjustments

…someone that can’t physically get all the adjustments in needed for the best plays.

…simulation gamers

…spends more time analyzing opponents offensive formations

How to Make Everything Look the Same
Our Hidden Secret for Lockdown Defense in Madden 15

Are you ready?

We are about to tell you the secret sauce of our defensive schemes…and you haven’t even purchased anything yet!

All of our defensive setups look the same.

Yup…thats it.

When we dial up intense pressure off the left edge of the offensive line it will look exactly the same as it does when we send blitzes off the right edge.

Doesn’t matter if we are calling a Cover 2 Zone or a Cover 4 Zone. We make it look the same.

This allows your defense to be 100% disguised to your opponent.

Win Games with Your Defense
The Best Players Win by Having Dominant Defenses

They will never know what you’re doing. They won’t know…

…when you’re playing max coverage defense

…when you’re play man to man press coverage

…when you’re sending intense pressure off both edges

…when you’re in man or zone coverages.


Madden 15 is tough. We bet you have a few questions and that’s exactly what this page is for.

covers everything your Madden game needs to win more games, but we wanted to take a minute and answer a few of the most common questions we receive from around the Madden Community.

FAQ: Defense is hard. How will The Winner’s Kit help?

Defense is hard, you’re right, but it doesn’t have to be. The defensive side of the ball is all about math and the ability to have your players in the right position at the right time. We go over this in detail in The Winner’s Kit and help you understand what plays work best in certain situations.

Did we mention that we have “the lazy mans D”? Don’t worry if you can’t get in a million adjustments because we will have schemes that are effective with little to no adjustments needed.

Enough from us…why not check out what past owners of The Winner’s Kit said about how we improved their defense…

“I was never great at defense overall since I first played Madden 10, but after learning about the one super simple tip for improving defense overnight, my defense became the Steel Curtain, especially in Madden 25. Let’s just say more than a few people gave up when they played me.”
-Eric Cipolla
“Defense in general was tough this year in Madden 25. The guys at Madden Tips helped my defense on two levels. 1) Instant relief of nearly any specific problem; and 2) long term understanding of defensive concepts, allowing me to create my own solutions on the fly.”
-Ryan Harting
“Madden Tips taught me defensive concepts and how to read what an offense is doing so that I would be able to set up my defense for the best chance at success.”
-Scott Morgan
“The defensive playbooks have given me the options to use a sophisticated or a more simple scheme to stop aggressive offenses!”
-Joe Andreone
“I used to have problems on defense. Every time when my team came to the field I just pressed any buttons on the controller trying to defend the pass or the run but it were useless.
With the help form Zfarls and & Sgibs on TWIM I get the right tips and practice it. Then I learned to read the possible running or passing game on the other team and with those tips I mentioned was a lot easy to make adjusts and put the player to rush the passer or to a hook route, for example.It’s helpful see them playing every week on the show because they explained as possible as they could in between the plays.”
-Diover Ben Mohamed
“Prior to using “Madden Tips” I would just pick a random defensive play and hope for the best. Since spending time on the site and watching TWIM, my defense is completely revamped. The play I pick has a strategy involved and I’m usually making 4 or more adjustments pre-snap when I used to make none. It’s completely changed how I play defense and now my defense is probably my strength.”
-Curtis Atkinson
“Defense was always a problem for me in Madden. I couldn’t understand why all the popular routes (Outs, Corners, Slants etc.) were always beating my coverage. It would get to the point were I would only rush two guys and have nine (Yes nine) players in coverage and my opponent would still pick apart my defense. Then I found MaddenTips.com and read through some articles and found out they had a TON of helpful YouTube videos. Zfarls and Sgibs showed me the best way to #LOCKUP on Defense against almost any situation. Your opponent is killing you with Outs and Corners? Play zone coverage and make sure to drop some buzz zones. Your opponent is constantly dipping and dunking with short routes over the middle? Put your DT in a hook zone or spy and shade your CB’s to play inside. Seriously any problem I had these guys had an answer for. I’m finally able to beat the CPU on All-Madden difficulty and can have some pretty competitive games with players online! I’m now finally confident and consistent in my Defensive play calling thanks to these guys!!”
-Jake Plank
“What I lacked, was a strategy on defense. I was a player that was letting the offense I was facing do what it wanted, then tried to respond. You helped me to impose my will on defense, putting offenses in uncomfortable down & distances, while not being predictable.”
- Robin “Chip” Reid

FAQ: I can’t stop the run. HELP!

You’re not the first that’s had this problem and you won’t be the last! This was the number one question we answered during the Madden 25 season.

Stopping the run is all about containment and numbers. If you have the advantage in terms of numbers you will stop the run, every time.

Think of it like this…If your opponent has 7 potential blockers on the line of scrimmage in a position to block for their running back, but we stack 9 defenders on the line of scrimmage to defend the run…who do you think wins?


Take a look below at how we helped past customers stop the run dead in its tracks!

“In Madden 25 I was having a hard time stopping the run. People were killing me. After getting help on MaddenTips.com from Sgibs and Zfarls, I was saved. With a few new plays and some new adjustments, I was stopping my opponents running game and making them throw it forcing more INTs”.
-Kyle Mattingly
“Stopping the Run is essential for success in Madden. Sgibs taught me the defensive formations used to contain the run”
-Scott Morgan
“Stopping the run was abnormally difficult this year in Madden 25. For much of the season I was unable to stop outside runs, specifically those with pulling guards. Farls and Gibbs were able to help me squash the run by breaking down some general run stopping concepts, as well as perfecting a few specific defenses for many of the “over powered” plays.”
-Ryan Harting
“In Madden 25 I was getting crushed (as was everyone else) by the strong power runs. After just a couple quick TWIM tips I had a defense that could shut down the strong power, buck sweep, and pretty much any other over powered running play.”
-Curtis Atkinson
“With the revamping of the read option in Madden 25, I was getting killed by the Read Option and Triple Option alike. But thanks to Zfarls and Sgibs, and a stupidly simple adjustment of holding “L2″ on PS4 and Pressing “X”, it literally turns the option into a HB dive. Thanks again for all that Ya’ll have done!!!”
-Cody Davis
“As the read option has gotten more powerful in Madden, I’ve struggled more and more to stop it. With a quick tip from Gibs and Farls on keying on the QB every time it’s not even something I need to worry about anymore.”
-Curtis Atkinson

FAQ: I can’t get pressure and I never get sacks.
Help get my defense off the field on 3rd downs!

Just like run defense, defensive pressure is all about math. It’s literally that simple. Send more defensive pass rushers than the offense can block and you will generate pressure on the opposition.

Our secret?

We break the offensive line into 3 different segments and we show you how to do this so that you can consistently generate pressure on all sides of the field.

Oh ya, we also show you why being able to send the same pressure from multiple coverages is the absolute most important thing about sending pressure.

Below check out some success stories of past customers

“Early this season in Madden 25 I had been struggling to get pressure on early downs, against both the pass and the run. This ended up leaving me in a bad defensive position on 2nd and 3rd down. That is, until I perfected the Trio Sky Zone (my personal favorite) set up from the Madden Tips Winner’s Kit. Now, I’m seeing a lot more 2nd and 14 situations, where I’m in a much better position to end an opponent’s drive.”
-Ryan Harting
“I use to really suffer with playing defense as a whole in Madden 25, until Zfarls and Sgibs opened my eyes, and brought me to a new world of not only of how to play great defense, but a new way to look at defense.
From the “Ice-D” to the “Hot Cheddar” Blitzes, they have made me a respectable Tourney Level Player. I have NO DOUBT, that i now have the tools to dominate on madden amongst my peers for years to Come. Thanks again Fellas!!!!”

-Cody Davis
“When I was calling defense without adjustments I would call “Cover 2 Man” 95% of the time and hope I could contain or maybe get some pressure on the QB. After getting tips from “Madden Tips” I could finally generate some heat and pressure on the QB that lead to sacks and getting my defense off the field.”
-Curtis Atkinson
“There are numerous websites, videos, & e books, out there that tried to sell the guarantee of “nano sacks”.
Few if any explain the idea of pressure, making the defense look identical from max coverage, to max pressure, to passive pressure.
You did that, blitzing without tipping your hand. This resulted in mass confusion to opposing offense, which in turn netted more sacks, & more interceptions.”

-Robin “Chip” Reid

FAQ: I’m afraid to user control players that aren’t on the defensive line.

User controlling defenders can be scary. I mean the computer must be able to do a better job than I can…right?


This the same mindset that every single great madden player once had and has now conquered on their way to elite status.

Below are few ways we have helped people just like you improve their user skills.

“I would never user my players in Madden 25 on either side of the ball, but once I learned ZFarls and SGibs’s secrets to usering players, I became almost unstoppable on offense and nobody threw to my side on defense.”
-Eric Cipolla
“If you think you could be doing more with your user defender, you are probably right. Farls and Gibbs breakdown the most effective ways to control your user defender, depending on what the objective of any given play may be. Pre-snap positioning and post-snap maneuvering are equally important.
Gibbs and Farls will taught me the best ways to get in position for a tackle, or how to get to that deep ball and make a swat R. Sherman style.”

-Ryan Harting

FAQ: How do I throw less interceptions in Madden 15?

We have all been there. The game is on the line. We are driving down the field for the game winning score…

…and boom we throw the game ending interception. We scream and yell and get mad at the game…

…but did you know that the number one reason people throw interceptions is because their timing and pass leads on routes are wrong.

You see you read the play, but you got nervous and maybe lead the pass a little to inside.

We show you how to throw the routes that are important to your offense and avoid costly turnovers.

Take a look at how we helped past Winner’s Kit owners…

“I used to throw a lot of picks that would cause me to lose games, until Madden Tips taught me how to make all the reads as a quarterback, which resulted in less interceptions and more wins.”
-Scott Morgan
“The key to throwing fewer interceptions in Madden 25 is knowing which offensive routes beat certain types of defensive coverage.
Gibbs and Farls break this down intensely, from both sides of the ball. Recognizing a defensive coverage off the snap (as well as pre-snap) is something I learned from Madden Tips.
At this point, when the ball is snapped, I instantly know which routes in my current play have the best chance at getting open, and conversely, I know which routes might get me into trouble.”

-Ryan Harting

FAQ: I usually just run the ball because passing is to hard for me.

Passing is hard because it has more negative outcomes than running the ball. This means that you feel more defeated when you pass not because you’re not good, but because there are simply more “bad outcomes” for your offense.

Think about it…when you hand the ball off to your HB he either fumbles the ball or holds on to it (holds on to it the majority of the time)

When you pass you can…throw an interception, get sacked, throw an incompletion, or complete a pass.

The negative outcomes are swaying your opinion of passing. We show you how to light up the scoreboard by passing the ball up and down the field.

“I was never really successful passing in Madden 25, only throwing 1 to 2 TD’s per game, but then I learned ZFarls and Sgibs’s simple tips to improve my passing attack, and now I am throw 5 and 6 touchdowns per game, with close to zero interceptions.”
-Eric Cipolla
“Before buying The Winner’s Kit this year, I was a typical Madden gamer that thought I was good running 4 verticals and HB slip screen all day.
My offense was predictable and my defense was flat out awful; I couldn’t get any pressure when I needed to and had little success stopping my opponents outside runs.
Sgibs and Zfarls offer several great tips in this comprehensive guide on how to break your opponents will on offense with complimentary plays and concepts to score whenever you need to, as well as how to contain your opponents running game and make them regret trying to pass the ball.
These tips gave me the confidence I needed before every game knowing that I could beat anybody, as reflected by the over 40% increase in my head to head winning percentage!”

-Ben Hovinga
“This year in Madden 25 the Madden Tips team helped me convert my personal gunslinger style of a passing game to a smarter and more successful passing game. Gibbs and Farls showed the community some of the best passing plays in the game (Z-spot being my personal favorite).
I learned the importance of understanding your reads as the quarterback, and the various timings of the routes which make up a play. But what’s more important is that they explain how and why the plays are successful, allowing me to expand on their advice with my own personal style.”

-Ryan Harting
“The offensive playbooks have given me the choice of running a pass heavy or ground and pound offense. And a deceptive mix of both of them!
-Joe Andreone
“Similar to my prior Madden life in defense I would pretty much just pick a play and hope for the best. After watching TWIM for a while I started to make multiple adjustments in my passing game and start to base my game off of schemes and reads rather than a random play.”
-Curtis Atkinson
“The easiest thing to do in Madden 25 was running the ball outside. Outside of one read money plays, few players choose an air assault, because of the help I received from Madden Tips I did and was highly successful doing so.
I now understand more about passing concepts, attacking zones, destroying man coverage, & more importantly, going through my progressions. This resulted in more confidence in the pocket, and less turnovers. My passing game has definitely made my running game more punishing.”

-Robin “Chip” Reid

FAQ: How do I climb the Online Ranked Leaderboard?

While there is no true “easy fix” to climb the online ranked leaderboards, we can give you the strategy and tips in The Winner’s Kit that will help you get there.

It’s a grind to get to the top, but anything worth getting takes time!

Check out some of the best competitors from the Madden Tips community!

“Struggling in online ranked games? The help you’ll find at Madden Tips is sure to take your gameplay up a few tiers, if not all the way to the top. Farls and Gibbs laid the foundation I needed, and gave me the knowledge I needed to be calm and confident while gaming against skilled players. This year I was able to climb within the TOP 50 players for XBox one online ranked games!”
-Ryan Harting
“I rarely used to play online at all. I would play offline franchises. After getting involved in the “Madden Tips” community and implementing the changes I quickly moved into the top 2% on XBox One rankings and later top 3% when I switched to PS4″
-Curtis Atkinson

FAQ: How do I build a MUT Team?

MUT is one of the best modes in Madden, but it can also be intimidating when trying to figure out who the best players are each week.

While most of our tips are catered to strategy of gameplay, you will find that our knowledge of ratings will give you the edge in MUT as well.

Below are a few Winner’s Kit owners who had success with our tips in MUT last season!

“I was an average Head to Head Seasons player in Madden 25, but when I learned the steps to win more MUT Super Bowls from ZFarls and SGibs, I managed to go undefeated this past season in All Pro 2nd String.”
-Eric Cipolla
“MUT is very complex. Madden Tips taught me a scheme to be successful, and how to develop a team around that scheme.
-Scott Morgan
“Catch in traffic? Impact blocking? Sgibs and zfarls helped me to understand players stats and their significance when building my ultimate team!”
-Joe Andreone
“I was absolutely clueless about anything having to do with MUT. I had no idea how to do it or what to do. Through the Madden Tips community I was able to build a quality roster even late in the game cycle and enjoy a new mode of Madden I hadn’t before.”
-Curtis Atkinson

FAQ: I want to be good, but don’t have the time to invest in practicing!

This is the hardest part about our job! It’s also what we take the most pride in.

We know that your time is valuable and we make sure that our tips and strategies are not only effective, but they’re easy to use and can be learned quickly.

The Winner’s Kit has helped thousands and below are a few of their responses…

“I would always waste time playing Madden, never taking it too seriously, but once I learned how to be successful playing Madden, I saved a bunch of time while still being productive and creating a winning game plan.”
-Eric Cipolla
“If you think you have the skills, but are lacking in free time, Madden Tips can certainly help. Throughout the Madden 25 season, Gibbs and Farls are constantly putting on their lab coats (literally!) and coming up with some of the best offensive and defensive schemes in the game. Don’t have the time to lab a new blitz? I sure don’t. But no worries, just take a look at the instructional videos in the Winner’s Kit…the work has already been done for you.”
-Ryan Harting
“Maddentips.com not only teaches you to dominate all of your friends, the strategies provided will also help you to be competitive at the highest levels of the game!”
-Joe Andreone
“Sgibs, ZFarls, and MaddenTips saved me a ton of time. Who knows how long it would’ve taken for me to get my game to the level it’s at without them.
In addition to specific tips, Gibs and Farls just made Madden fun to play again. It had gotten to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was going to get next year’s game because it had become boring and repetitive. I had actually stopped playing Madden 25 and only started again because I moved to next gen. What I learned through Madden Tips added a ton of depth to the game and made it fun again. Thanks guys!”

-Curtis Atkinson
“I still lab a lot, but now it’s with a purpose. I used to aimlessly look for plays wasting time, with no clear idea, after your guidance, I lab with a clear purpose. I not only know what to look for a new plays, but also enhance the plays & concepts I already use.
Again I really appreciated all the time & effort that Sgibs & Zfarls put in to help players such as myself get more enjoyment out of Madden. I’ve been playing Madden since the Sega Genesis, this was the first season I can confidently say that I can hold my own against the majority of other Madden players.”

-Robin “Chip” Reid

Is Winner’s Kit Right For Me?

If you can say “YES” to any of these questions…
…then it IS RIGHT For You

If you can say yes to any of the following questions then The Winner’s Kit is right for you…

  • Are you sick of blowing 4th quarter leads?
  • Are you confident in your offense, but fear playing defense?
  • Do you just call 2 Man Under, because nothing else works?
  • Do you pick a play and hope it works?
  • Do you want to learn how run defense is all about Math and not much else?
  • Do you want to learn what ratings are important and how knowing them will improve your efficiency in picking teams?
  • Do you want to know the WHY behind everything you do?
  • Do you play in leagues that don’t allow super advanced setups?
  • Do you want to become a better player the right way?

If you said yes to any of those questions then The Winner’s Kit will help you win more games in Madden NFL 15. Just stop reading already and do yourself a favor…buy the Winner’s Kit RIGHT NOW!

Winner's Kit Cover

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Our Winner’s Kit has everything you will need to dominate. You will get:

Winner's Kit Cover

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Winner's Kit Cover

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Winner's Kit Cover

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