MUT 15 Tips

This Week in Madden 123: NFL Draft & Madden NFL 15 Rookies!

This Week in Madden Show 123 returned live on Wednesday night to talk Madden and the NFL Draft! Find out which three rookies will have the biggest impact in Madden NFL 15 and which teams will get the biggest upgrade … Continue reading

Madden 25 Playbook Guide 4 WR Offense

Madden NFL 25: Free 4WR Offensive Playbook!

Learn how to build a custom playbook in Madden NFL 25 with a free four-wide-receiver offensive playbook guide. Here, we walk you through the steps needed to make the playbook and add all the plays you need to beat any … Continue reading

TWIM 121 GOTW ZFarls Vs SGibs

This Week in Madden Show 121: Free 4WR Offensive Scheme, plus ZFarls vs SGibs!

ZFarls and SGibs were back for This Week in Madden Show 121 on Wednesday night at 8! (Subscribe Here) Start up your consoles, because we have a free offensive scheme featuring four-wide-receiver sets like Gun Snugs and Singleback Spread! These … Continue reading