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    Minnesota Vikings Offensive PB Guide

    Something I've been running for a while now. This will take the place of last weeks scheme of the week. I would've had it done during the actual week, but I left my flash drive that had all the videos I needed to edit in my dorm. One thing you'll notice is I changed backgrounds, no longer that dead white, video's are no longer an individual video for each play, but rather combined into one video per formation. I don't know how to embed it into this post, but its the first thing that'll pop up when you go here, or you can probably view it through this link as well

    No clue on the exact number of plays but it's in the mid to high 20's, mostly passing.

    Formations are
    Singleback Bunch
    I form Tight Pair
    Strong I Close
    Full House
    Shotgun Y Trips
    Shotgun Bunch

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    You interested in doing an Eagles PB? I've seen where Gibs has highlighted some of the plays in this book on the Mad-Den show but if you are going to do anymore this year, that would be my humble request. Thanks for your contributions.
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    I really like the HB angle play. A few weeks I put it in my audibles for a quick strike. It is especially effective for me because I don't throw to my backs a whole hell of a lot but this incorporates a nice wrinkle. I've even weaved a few to the house by catching the angle route in stride when you cut in.
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    the play slant from the i formation where u motion the rb to the left is a killer man. ive tried it 3 times and its worked every time. been owning the red zone for me


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