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    Dec 2005

    does anyone use Miami's plybook?

    Ace Big Twins
    Ace Slot
    Ace Y Trips
    I Form Normal
    I Form Twin TE
    Shotgun Bunch
    Shotgun Spread
    Strong Twins
    Weak Slot

    just started using this in my dynasty with Bama. Wow what a differance a plybook can make I had been using Bama's & struggling with the AI set to AA
    I'm slowly increasing the sliders for the comp. to make the game more difficult to help compare with the awesome plyers online, but this plybook just works for me. the bunch form is a zone killer.I played aubarn today(in dynasty) and every year they are my toughest game, today was my day!
    I scored 35 in the first half(8 min qtrs) Prothro(now a Senior)finished with 277 yrds & 5 TD on the day (both were records) also something strange happened in mid-year more about that later.
    the game ended with Bama victorious 56-0 first time ever I shut out aubarn on AA I'm totally in love with this playbook its got everything i like plenty of runs to control T.O.P. & the ability to stretch the just works for me I'm gonna practice a lot more before going on-line with it but i think i found my book.

    Now bout' the weird thing, I changed the playbook mid-year from Boise St. to Miami I only mention this because its the only thing that changed for me throughout the season. when I started the season #11 WR was a Impact plyr
    as was the RB, early in Oct. #11 got disaplined(plagerism)Ncaa was looking hard at bama so I decided to make an example out of 11 just to see what would happen so he's out for the season,NCaa no longer breathing down my neck.played another game Vandy, did ok won by 14 but it was a struggle so without my star WR and struggling against Vandy I decided to look at some playbooks finding and settling in with Miami's playbook I practiced a little with the plybook when I thought I was ready I jumped in to the third Sat. Game for Bama (Tenn.)and low and behold Prothro was now an impact plyer.I've never had a player become an impact plyer mid-year in-reality I think it happens all the time, but in the game its never happened to me.has anyone else had this happen?did i some how glitch this by changing the playbook plus the suspension? just wondering.

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    Nov 2005
    No, the impact thing is totally normal.I've never had a players impact taken away but when i started out with 2, later in the season i've had players suddenly become impact players.

    I dont think i have ever tried miami's playbook but i have two i love.I really like everything the texas playbook gives you and my favorite is Vanderbuilt's.If you have a big fullback the vandy playbook is crazy. Plenty of power running formations and also gives you some good pass options with a couple shotgun formations.

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    Dec 2005
    When I'm online I will use Florida's playbook if I am a rollout kinda QB but if I am a good runningback+a good qb I generally choose miami.

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    Sep 2005
    when I started online I used the Miami PB, did well with it, just got bored of it

    good PB though


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