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    How do i stop Reggie Bush

    I am in a offline Madden league/season. I have a playoff game against the Saints this weekend. I know my opponent will use Reggie Bush alot both in the running game as well as in the passing game. Any suggestions on how to contain him? I am playing with the seahawks. Any advice would be appreiciated...

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    Play with your linebacker. Zones, blitzes.
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    First you have one of the top defenses in the league. If you got into the playoffs, than you know how to play. Mayb????

    Second, I just finished playing someone who had Reggie bush. You have to know where he is at all times. When you do you have to be willing to give up something to slow him down.

    Third, get out in front of him and make him chase you. You have one of the best teams on the game. Use Shawn Alexander like Reggie bush.

    This game plays pretty well. Play a lot of man coverage cover two and just slow him down force him to make a mistake.

    Like the guy above said. Call blitz and flow to the point with a defender. Don't try to stop him, just minimize him until you can get a grip on the game, and then let him chase you.

    The Seahawks??? Well let us know how you faired.... Good luck!!!
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    good luck in your playoff game

    i agree, find reggie immediately once the huddle breaks. Once you do, play with the linebackers like misterfootball said, reggie gets hit by tatupu a couple times, look for reggie to start dropping that ball. Also, get at least one yellow zone out there when you know reggie is coming in and keep a good eye on him. Don't play him man, play him zone.

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    Read the third post on the thread titled "how to stop corners" and i talk about a play that is a very good bush stopper.

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    35BigHurt35 Guest
    In my experience playing Saints users they usually have some type of noticeable tendency if you really pay attention. For example, some of them will use both McAllister and Bush as HB and then they run Deuce inside and Bush outside. If you notice this tendency, obviously, half the battle is won. Other guys will line him up wide using packaging and then try to make him effective as a wr. I don't really worry much about him in this capacity because if he's in a multi-receiver set, I usually have a faster player matched up with him and he basically is no different than a normal WR. 1 thing that you definately must do is locate him as they break the huddle and see where he goes.....also, you may notice that sometimes they package in Deuce at FB. If you notice this, pinch and crash inward the DL. They're generally not putting Deuce in at FB to be a blocker, they usually have him in there for a reason unless it's 3rd down and they want a better pass catcher at FB. Most saints users really don't run Bush inside much so be prepared for outside runs when he's in the game.

    P.S.--Enjoy torching the saints D. They suck. lol

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    I had to respond all I use is the Saints and i start Duece at FB and Reggie at HB so that way I can sub in a different package and have Duece at tail back when I want to go heavy or still have Duece in the backfield while Reggie is flanked out at any of the Wr positions which opens up tremendous lane for Duece! I will run Reggie & Duece inside and outside (Duece has somthing like 89 speed) it is very hard to defend. and Reggie's hands as a receiver....WHEW!!! It is so pretty when he catches the ball....I'm sorry to keep going on and on about the Saints, but it's been a long time since we have been this good so it's hard to control myself!!!


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