Gun Snugs Formation Breakdown with Zan in Madden NFL 25

While ZFarls and SGibs have given you some simple tips to get going with Gun Snugs, over in the forum Zan has posted a tremendous breakdown of his famous Gun Snugs formation from the Saints playbook, which we have mentioned on “This Week in Madden.”

Zan is a long-time member of Team Prima and has competed with us at Virgin Gaming Challenges in Las Vegas and NYC. He also has attended community events at EA SPORTS in Orlando.

Formation: Gun Snugs
Playbook: New Orleans Saints  

A Few Secrets/Nuances of This Formation

1. You can motion the HB to either side to create Gun Empty—Bunch. While in motion, feel free to spam the heck out of the snap button to get the HB speed boost when you do snap the ball. It won’t snap the ball until the RB is ready.

2. This formation has skinny posts on both sides of the formation. Saints Spot Shake has the X receiver on a skinny post. Saints In has the B receiver on a skinny post. These routes, when motioned to the outside, line up with a wider split (3 yards outside the numbers) than if you were to motion a smart-routed out route to the outside. So, if you want the widest split for your third and long out route, motion out the skinny post receiver and then put him on the smart-routed out route, not vice versa).

3. Skinny posts can be motioned and snapped one step before set. The WR will stutter step, and you can deliver a quick pass (almost like a smoke route) to the WR standing pretty close to the sideline. Another tip for the extraordinary split of these routes.

4. Skinny posts don’t have just the opportunity for the quick pass. You can also throw to the receiver one step before they break to the post and jetpack them for an easy gain. So if the quick pass isn’t there, come back to it in your progression as it breaks deep.

Play Setups

Note: I have included my progression reads after the setups. These are just how I read the field. Feel free to come up with progressions that work for you!

Saints Spot Shake (man and zone beater)

  • Slant A
  • Streak the RB

Motion snap the X receiver to the outside and look to throw a quick pass in flat. Or, my progression read is a quick pass to the left flat, a slant to A, a spot shake to B, the HB out of the backfield on the seam, the skinny post jetpack, the wheel route, throw it away.

Saints In

  • Slant A
  • Streak the RB

Motion snap the X receiver to the right. Snap just as the WR turns his shoulders to square up to the line of scrimmage to get a speed boost.
Progression read: X receiver quick pass right flat, slant to A, skinny post in seam, HB seam, throw it away.

Saints HB Delay

  • Streak A
  • Streak Y
  • Wheel the RB

Motion snap the RB to the right, using the speed boost snap listed.
Progression read: HB in flat on wheel, dual seams to Y and A, angle route post to B (money route).


  • Drag X
  • Drag B
  • Streak A
  • Streak LB (optional)

Motion snap Y to the right, using the speed boost snap listed.
Progression read: A on seam, Y to the corner, HB seam (or circle), dual drags.

Saints HB Wheel

  • Streak A

Motion snap Y to the right, using the speed boost snap listed.
Progression read: Watch the flow of the entire defense; if they flow to the right (since you have quads right), hit the RB on the wheel quickly, lob to A, post to Y, check to dual drags.

If you are looking for more great plays, check out Zan’s Youtube Channel for more great content!

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