Hot Route This Play: HB Slip Screen

Pistol Slot Strong – HB Slip Screen – Buffalo Bills Playbook

1. Drag the Y receiver
2. Fade the HB
3. Slant in the X receiver
4. Slant in the A receiver
5. Streak the B receiver

1. Look to the drag receiver as he breaks toward the pulling linemen. This is great option vs any and all defenses.
2. Against zone the HB on the fade will be open as they drop into coverage.
3. The slants are a nice option against heavy man coverage
4. The streak is your fail safe as user catch option

How would you hot route this play? Comment below!

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0 thoughts on “Hot Route This Play: HB Slip Screen

  1. One of my favorite plays to run in the game. Haven’t tried hot routing the HB to a fade before. I’ll give it a shot!

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