How to Force Fumbles in Madden NFL 25!

Playing great defense in Madden NFL 25 will once again be a huge factor in separating average players from great ones. Last season, we saw many players use the San Francisco 49ers defense and force fumbles with their star players, like Patrick Willis. A well-timed turnover can be the key to turning the momentum of a game, so you want to be ready to knock the ball loose at all times.

 Keys to Forcing More Fumbles in Madden NFL 25

5. Hit Hurdlers

Fans of the Infinity Engine are going to love the new Infinity Engine 2 in Madden NFL 25. While hurdling was exciting last year, it has gone to another level with precision hurdles. There have been hits that made me scream out at the TV as my player did a flip and lost the ball. Even though hurdles are risky, the joy of completing one is way too tempting to stop. Once again this season, I will be on a mission to give away 100 free fumbles by hurdling at random times.

4. Find Tired Opponents

Stamina is a huge factor in Madden NFL 25, and gamers who use too many running moves on one play can really drain their player. Runners who also use combo moves and spin into traffic will likely be at a high fumble risk too. While the ground game will be tough to stop, it could lead to an influx of fumbles in Madden NFL 25 as gamers learn the realism elements.

3. Try Out the Strip Button on Defense

In Madden NFL 12, the Strip button was a great way to pull the football loose from an opponent. Last season, it was toned down quite a bit and players were better off going for hit sticks instead. At the Madden NFL 25 release, SGibs and I will let you know if we feel the Strip button is making a return this season or if you should go for hit sticks. By getting in our 1,000-plus hours before the game hits stores, we will have our research done and let you know if it is an effective way to get more fumbles in Madden NFL 25.

2. Know When to Wrap Up vs When to Go for the Hit Stick!

Learning how to tackle is one of the most overlooked things by new players on the Madden scene. There are certain times and situations where you can risk going for a hit stick, and other times it is best to let the computer just wrap up. A key move is to just get your defender into position and then click off and let the computer do the work. The new moves are shifty, so it will take extra care to make a sure tackle this season.

1. Use a Team with High Hit Power Ratings on Defense

We looked at the Top 5 Defensive Teams in Madden last year, and the keys were team speed and great rushers. After a full season, it became clear that great hit power in the secondary was a key to having a great team. We are unsure just how much that will be a factor in Madden NFL 25, but it can never hurt to have defensive players that receivers fear! The 49ers should remain a fearsome team, but the Seattle Seahawks have now jumped into the conversation. One key factor on defense will be stopping the run this season. Last year, players didn’t commit many resources to it, but this season it has been revamped. If a player is unleashing some Adrian Peterson Run Free moves on you, it may be necessary to use a team with some beef up front, like the Giants or Patriots.

Our NCAA Football 14 Guide is now available on Amazon—click here to check it out!  SGibs and ZFarls wrote every word in here and will help get you ready to dominate the football landscape this season!


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