How to Improve for Madden NFL 25

Today I wanted to slowly break down a few things that we might forget about in the day to day grind that is Madden. Currently right now we are all playing Madden NFL 13, but we are all chomping at the bit for the release of Madden NFL 25 (even if it is 5+ months away). The goal here is to remember the little things and focus on getting better one step at a time. Even if you have everything here mastered, think about the overall message about slowing down what you are doing and improving each step along the way.

P.S. In all seriousness, what is my drawing rating? I’m pretty sure overall I’m right at 48, but I have this innate ability to draw SICK alarm clocks. My alarm clock rating is 99.


#1. Learn the Controls of the Game
#2. Find Your Identity. Run or Pass?
#3. Find Your Team
#5. Simplify Playcalling
#6. Online Competition
#7. Sign Up at
#8. Time
#9. Patience
#10. #LOCKUP

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7 thoughts on “How to Improve for Madden NFL 25

  1. New to Madden. Just got 13 a few weeks ago. Trying to prepare for 25. Tell me, what do you mean by LOCKUP? Also, I think I have already answered my next question but I’ll let someone else throw in their 2-cents….is it possible to pick “my local” team (who is crappy), use a better team’s playbook to improve my local crappy team’s overall performance?

    • you can def use a lower tiered team and still win but if you are playing in a tournament where there is $$$ on the line I think its best to use the team that is going to give you the best chance to win possible.

      Lock up simply means to “get ready” to play your game. Its GAMETIME!!!

  2. “LockUP” is a Madden Tourny scene term which describes at best “Go and win” or plain and simple Win. Some may use the term if there is a good defensive stop they will hollar “LockUp”. Yes you can use a crappy team and switch the crappy teams offensive or defensive playbook.

  3. I started playing in 12, 12 got me ready for 13, these guys, and the guides that are available on this site, made me 4x better. Sure you can use a lower ranked team, but you better be sure to learn your roster, and your playbooks inside and out. PRACTICE against the 49ers on ALL MADDEN!!!

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  1. I was thinking on how players can get ready for Madden 25. Be open minded and create both an offensive and defensive scheme from a playbook which you are unfamiliar with.
    And this is what ppl like me need lesson like that, that is a excellent article , and not just paying quit a few bucks for ebooks, lesson of encouragement , i give this 2 thumbs u and a around the world