How to Play Madden 13

Madden football has changed the way that people view football games. With the introduction of Online access and the addition of Franchise mode, many fans have asked us how we like to play Madden. With the different integrated game modes, there is a game mode for every football fan in Madden 13. Let’s take a look at the different ways that Madden fans can find the mode that fits them best.

Madden 13 vs. CPU

The most commonly played mode in Madden is playing against the CPU. This is the easiest way to play a quick game and have fun playing with your favorite players. EA Sports has worked hard to make Madden 13 the most realistic football simulator possible. The advancements in Madden’s Artificial Intelligence have added the realistic aspect of football that we are all looking for. Players now act and move much like they do in real life. Changing the difficulty settings in the game controls can allow you to achieve a challenging game every time for hit the field. This is a great mode for newer players to get use to the controls and learn how to call offenses and defenses.

Madden 13 Franchise Mode

Franchise mode gives players the chance to not only play with their favorite players on the field, but also make every business decision for the team off the field. Now you get to decide which rookies you are going to draft, and if you are going to go after that free agent that could take your team all the way to the Super bowl. Franchise mode is a great mode for those gamers that want more out of a football title than just playing football. A gamer can find hours of fun and work after ever game they play on the field if they want to, or they can have the CPU do all of the work for them. Gamers can turn their franchise into a dynasty by playing over many seasons. Madden NFL 13 brings major overhauls to the franchise system.

How to Play Madden

Franchise mode should be even better for Madden 12

Madden 13 Online

Ever since game consoles were taken online, gamers have been online to find out who is the best at Madden football. We went from communities that use to gather on the weekends at someone’s house, to a community that was always connected and could play at anytime. Online play is geared mostly for serious gamers only. These are the players that are the best at Madden and are practicing for upcoming tournaments or leagues. For the casual gamer online games are a great way to improve your skills and become a better player. The speed of online games is much faster, and the competition is much higher then playing against the CPU. You will get to see how the game is played at most tournament and get a sense of if you are ready or not for Madden tournaments.

There are many different ways to play Madden 13 football. With all the different modes available, there truly is a mode for every player. Try each mode and find the one that you enjoy playing the most. The best advice we can give is to play as many games as you can, and always enjoy playing. There’s a mode out there for everyone, now go find yours!!

 For more help on how to play Madden check out our Madden 101 Training Camp.

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0 thoughts on “How to Play Madden 13

  1. So I’m not the only one wondering how to play a season in Madden 13…I’m not talking about any of the fancy new tricks and features…Just a simple season where we pick a team and play the schedule, playoffs and Superbowl. Anyone know??

  2. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what is CCM Mode & how the heck do we get there? Elementary terms will work well for my frustration. Please tell me specifically where to go to play a season or change modes.

    • This is what I’m wondering myself. I just spent hours customizing my team’s players just how I want them, created some missing players & cut the guys off the roster that just got cut. Now when I go to start Career Mode as a coach, I get the stupid default rosters again & no customization ability. Please tell us why this feature has been taken out of Madden 13. Not everyone buys this game to play online with default rosters.

  3. Worst Madden ever!! How can this be a Madden game without an offline franchise mode? CCM sucks because if you a coach you can’t use a created player. If your a player you can adjust the depth chart to start. You can have a great preseason but if the player in front of you is rated higher than your in for a long wait unless you abandon ur favorite team. Goodbye Madden until you bring back offline franchise mode.

  4. How do start Franchise mode in Madden NFL 13. I’m not interested in the new Hall of
    Fame mode, but not able to figure out how to play the regular Franchise mode using
    my team (Cardinals). Please advise how to access the regular Franchise season

    • What is the CCM window/mode, is that the same as the Communities Connect Online showing & if it is I still wasn’t able to locate how to play the regular Franchise mode w/ my selected team….

  5. Please bring back offline franchise mode. It’s impossible to control the depth chart and a created player unless you sim through until the guy in front of you is gone or drops to a lower rating than you. No more new Maddens for me till they fix this!

  6. How do I play season mode….and kick off correctly with shot stick and also save settings and custom rosters….they made this shit to complicated…..

  7. I have played Madden since the first Madden was released on Genisis. I have not missed a year. The Kicking game is always changing methods. It should be simple these guys are NFL players. Automatic point after then distance and location makes it tougher. I really hate the no regular season without being online . It stops me from playing when the net is acting stupid. Which is a lot . I play season mode because the AI plays better and it adjust to you making it more difficult. This sucks and needs a patch to fix it or a 13.5 release at a low cost.

  8. Not being able to play a season offline is the worst. All I wanted is to play a regular season with a created player, and able to control every player like always. I really hope we are all being punked and EA will make a download so we can do this. This new Madden 13 format is the absolute worse!!!!

      • You cannot control all the players in ccm mode unless you chose coach and then you can not create a player. For everyone who keeps saying use ccm, it doesn’t work like offline franchise. If you want to be a QB for your favorite team and you create yourself than you will ride the bench if the guy in front of you is higher rated. You also can’t control other players. I am done with Madden till they fix this.

  9. Is there any way to get created players into the ccm coach mode roster? I want to create a few players and run the team. Can that be done? It appears, from what I’ve read so far, it can not. I also, notice there have been no response to the others that asked similar questions. Is it because EA decided to not let us do that? I only play Madden for two reasons. 1. I can add myself and my friends to a team and we can play a few seasons. and 2. They locked up the NFL rights eliminating all competition and any reason for EA to put out a quality game.

    • Jessie, I am with you, that is the main reason I buy it also. There is no way to take a created player to ccm coach mode. I created a player in the creation zone and he does not appear as an active player in the coach career. When you create yoursel in the player ccm you can only control the plays your player is in on.

      • I agree completely. For some reason, I have developed a keen awareness of player’s facemasks and this year Madden has more facemask choices than ever before, but yes, you can edit your player(s) as many times as you like, but those edits will never show up in CCM (Coach) Mode…at least not that I can see…I’ve tried as many ways as I can possibly think of.
        This year’s version of the Madden franchise is excellent…all but this major flaw. Why “offer” all of these NEW features to creating/edit a player if you can’t use them in your dynasty. Game Face works pretty well…my likeness is now coaching the Buffalo Bills and that DID carry over to CCM (Coach) mode…so can’t for the life of me figure out why changing Fred Jackson’s facemask wouldn’t(??)

  10. This Madden is so weak. Yes, it has all the flash and dash and amazing graphics.But, why no offline season mode!!??? The last time Madden dropped the ball like this was with the Instant rewind feature or “do over” you got once a game..which didnt make it to the next season. Madden…..PLEASE FIX!

      • Thank YOU! My apologizes..who ever said it was weak. Although a little different setting up, once in season mode, as a coach, it rocks! Patience pays off. Thanks again for the help! Full season, offline, all good. Go Madden 13!

        • When at the League Schedule page in ccm mode (under Coach), why can I not play other teams like in previous Maddens? For example, the first game is Giants vs Cowboys. It says CPU vs CPU and there is no way to change it. It really shouldn’t be this difficult!

    • I noticed there has been no answers to any of these questions. Is this simply an oversight that will be fixed with a patch, or did EA decide to take this feature out of the game completely? I play offline, I should not be forced to use default rosters in coach career mode. What’s the point in even having a game face creator if you can’t use him in franchise mode while controlling the action of all the other players? Extremely disappointed with this version of Madden because of this.

  11. Is there an in game tutorial on how to play. I played an american football game years back. And that was just selecting plays. Can someone tell me how to play. Offense defence and everything else. Whats things to do and not to do ???

  12. Not true. I went to CCM and when I started it and tried to play with a buddy it wouldnt allow a second controller to join. Only 1 controller. No co-op on CCM offline. Fkn stupid if u ask me!

  13. Gotl to career mode, select be a coach, pick to play an active coach, select your fav team. That is the season mode, it just got more bells and whistles

  14. I cant seem to fully grasp simple playbook designs for productive and fun games. Also in addition i cant stop throwing intereceptions mainly because i force the play but there are usually no other options available. I am really frustrated and would be so grateful for someone to help me become at least desent at madden 13. ugh. Thank you very much

    • Try using the analog stick to throw your we open pushing it to the left throw the ball to left pushing to the right those ball to the rightof your man covered 1 on 1 and the defenders on your right tried throwing to the left of the defender.Or try throwing the ball right when receiver makes his break or is going to make the break anticipate his movements. pump fakes work too. Also u can try mixing up running and passing cause if you pass a lot the D will adjust.

  15. EA sports has ruined Madden. They should fire everyone that was involved in removing season mode. And don’t reply that CCM mode is the same because it’s not!! I guess I’ll give NCAA a try and hope they haven’t destroyed that as well.

  16. i’ve been playing Madden since 1989 when it was on the Sega Genesis..all i want to do NOW is the SAME thing i’ve done since Madden 1st had the create player option ..create myself onto my favorite team and run a season/franchise ..why in blue blazes would they (EA) CHANGE that for?? i paid 60 bucks for NOTHING ..and that “CCM” is begininng to be a three-letter word i cannot stand .thank god they didnt screw with the college game… PLEASE fix this or i’m returning it and getting Sleeping Dogs..

  17. ZFaris, since you seem to keep copying and pasting that ccm is franchise mode can you explain what to do when you trade for a player that has the same number? How do you change the number so you don’t have 2 CBs with #21 playing next to each other? How do you control a created player in coach mode? Trick questions because you can’t! These are just 2 reasons why it is not franchise mode!

    • I agree that things are missing for sure, however last season everyone claimed that franchise mode was stale and Madden was just “a roster update”
      This year they add an all new system (that will have them setup FAR better for the future) a new website, twitter feed in game, and 30 brand new draft classes with 10 branching storylines EACH for 10 different players, Trey Wingo Draft, XP, new scheme logic etc and integrates superstar and everyone is unhappy.
      I know they wanted to have EVERYTHING possible in the mode as Josh Looman has mentioned, but its still a deep mode and what people should use if they want to play a Franchise in Madden this season.

  18. How about instead of a twitter feed (which is garbage) they address these questions:

    1) CAN’T play Connected Career Mode (CCM) with more than one person, so if your friends are over and you want to play a season with 2, 3, or 4 people on ONE system…you CAN’T!!!

    2) CAN’T Create a player or even edit a player in order to give him his correct number or move him from LOLB to ROLB.

    3) CAN’T change your scheme when you are a coach, mine still reads POWER RUNNING and SPREAD for Defense, what exactly is a spread defense anyway!!! I’ve changed my schemes and to set my importance to balanced and it still never changed.

    4) And my favorite, these idiots still haven’t realized that in pre-season the kickers and punters don’t switch roles after the first quarter, so ALL punts are performed by a kicker and go about 4 yards.

    Spend less time trying to make the game cool and more time trying to make it right. You guys have been heading in the wrong direction for years now.

  19. hey been a long time madden player….and my roommate wanna run a franchise together and play on the same team i understand we can go to quick play but we don’t wanna play an exhibition game we want to play a franchise with the same team on the same team on one ps3…is there any way to do this if so how! and if not please please fix this problem…and its also garbage that you cant start up a season or franchise and do a fantasy draft me and my buddies did this for years , very disappointing.

  20. I like to play all the games throughout the season. I want to play every game in week one thru 17 and try to simulate the entire season how it is in real life. If Larry Fitzgerald has a great game in week one I try to do the same.
    So in season mode how do I play every game in a season?

  21. I’M SO DISAPPOINTED BY MADDEN 2013! I like to create a custom team, and then play a season with them. I got the game as soon as it hit the shelf and spent all day building my team. I can play a single game with them in PLAY NOW, but that’s it. I want to play a season. I found CCM mode and it sucks as a single player; I only get to control a few plays of the game. Then I tried playing as the coach, and I can’t use the custom team that I spent hours building, as I was able to in previous versions. THEY RUINED THE GAME FOR ME. Madden 2013 – HUGE FAIL. I’d love my money back, or for a patch to fix the game they have wrecked.

    • i spent hours doing the same f’in thing! PUNK b’s! finished with madden until they fix. can’t believe this! ahhhhhhhhh. 1 game isn’t enough. Skanks! I’M going to talk so much S about this game.

  22. Who do I contact to get my money back?? This is a complete joke!! Why do they want to force this crap down our throat? If you want to add in all your new crap then fine, but do it ALONG WITH francise mode, not INSTEAD of it!!! I am demanding a refund!

  23. Honestly spent an hour if not longer earlier trying to figure out how to play a regular season, even text all my buddies then finally found this online. If what I am reading is true, then this is horrible EA Sports. I like others only buy it for regular offline season play. I tried the ccm earlier but by player not coach and I was extremely frustrated. Ill try it under coach but I dont want anything too complicated! I hope it doesn’t come down to trying to get a refund. Very disappointed EA!

  24. Franchise Offline Season … Yes, that is a great option that Madden and the CEO’s of EA Sports took away. It’s what people used the most and therefore there has to be change, but while attempting to make it better, the continuation of making everyone buy into the EA Sports online program. Yes, we’ve waited, we’ve been loyal to Madden each year and each year Franchise Season has been there (SNES, PS1, PS2, Wii, Xbox, Xbox360). This change to CCM player or coach…. its the EA Sports way of saying everyone get online and stay online. Yes, I bought it, opened and played, it has awesome graphics and such, but not being able to play a Franchise Offline is making me want to take it back to Best Buy or Game Stop so they can screw me over with the $15 store credit. I wonder if I wouldn’t have put in the EA online code, if that would save the next chump $10 payment to EA Sports for a code, in which you have to have in order to play any sort of season. Maybe I’ll just give it away verse spending the gas to return it. Madden and EA Sports ….you dropped the ball but got your money so big company wins again.. Maybe you should listen to your forum, blogs and beta testers and then put out a great product, not a half-dim witted one. Thanks for screwing over your supporter and people who purchase your games. Not me anymore.

  25. Lost my redeem code to get Online the freaking two day pass has expired! Last year I paid ten bucks for it but before I do it again this year I was wondering if there was some kinda of way to get a free one or some how bypass it! A bro needs help please

  26. WOW…….EA has really screwed this one up! Like a previous poster said, who do I contact about getting a refund! This is HORRIBLE!

      • Sgibs so help me god if you ask what don’t you like or ccm this ccm that everyone is going to lose it its so annoying as you can tell by so many peoples fruateration they just don’t like it period you keep saying oh ccm is the new franchise blah blah blah, unless I missed forgot how to spell ccm is not franchise two seperate things and that’s what people want back. They don’t want excuses they just want the franchise mode they’ve ued for years back. They could have incorporated ccm mode and still had franchise and just advertised the heck outta there new awesomccm feature but that’s not what they did, they decided to shove a half finished project down everyones throat and bow people are pissed and the sales next year will most likely reflect the disappointment of this year. I know many people who aren’t getting it next year unless EA comes up with a way to compensate for the crap they put on the market this year myself included in and we can’t be the only people that feel that way.

  27. I am soooo glad i read these comments before opening my Madden 13, i just returned it to walmart and bought the $20 Madden 12 in the past hour!!!! i only play off-line and would’ve been severely po’d if i had opened it to find these facts out later!!! thx

  28. Is there a way to import the created player into CCM ?
    I spent so much time changing the rosters around and now I cant use them ?

    Whats the point of create a player if you can only use them in play now mode ?

    Please tell me there is a fix or im just doing something wrong

  29. I have to agree with the majority here… Understanding that yes, there is a franchise mode and it does include some cool new features; however at the complete sacrifice of many critical capabilities! Like many others, I play every game of every week from pre-season to the big game and have done so since the first Madden. Additionally I have a 2nd franchise where I do the same with a buddy. We flip a coin each game to assign teams. It creates a really interesting season, statistically and otherwise. Words cannot express my disappointment. There is no reason they couldn’t add the new features and keep these key capabilities. AND I have to now listen to Phil Sims too!! Just awful

  30. Just purchased Madden today, always been a fan of playing offline seasons. Disappointing to see the franchise feature was changed this year. My concern’s not about the new concept of CCM, rather the fact you can’t play as multiple teams in a season. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until after unwrapped it from its package. Looks like Madden’s trying to do too much here. Clearly EA is moving into a direction away from the basics that made this game so successful. SMH.

  31. As a long time Madden fan I think Madden 13 was pretty good….I mean I normally don’t create players to take into a season so I’m looking at the game differently than most on here. I love the game play, have to have a good football sence to win unless u play on low lvl. It’s missing a lot and the whole not being able to have your created roster/player carry over into a season is crazy I admit. I like the cc coach mode except that I have to fire my head coach in order to play franchise mode. My fav team being the 9ers. All in all its just another Madden installment, Mix last years with this graphics and game play a boom a Madden baby all can be proud of. I do wish Madden would step its game up tho, i mean i wana be wowed at least once since they have the monopoly the football game in the world.

  32. Fantasy draft. Me and three friends play multiple seasons redoing a fantasy draft every season. we jump division to division, play the computer when we are not playing head to head in our schedule. Keep track of who wins the most bowls, alot of fun. That mode is gone, and we are heart broken. Will Madden 12 eventually go off the server or can we just play that this season?

  33. Look, I have a offline ccm as a coach and its fun, but why is it sooo restricted? Franchise you used to be able to control other teams if you wanted, bring in edited rosters with edited or created players, and just control your whole league. Now the only option is this extremely reduced version. Why is there a my madden part that tells you to some edit your rosters when you cant do anything with those rosters? its rediclous, they took franchise back not forward. And there is a difference between franchise mode and being a coach, in franchise you were the OWNER, you cold change the coachs and hire new ones, now you are one coach forever. Is there any hope for updates on this? people need to be able to bring in there own custom rosters, choose what rookies you think are going to develop the best, not just be stuck with how Madden creators judged people, i have disagreements with them sometimes. For instance Evan Royster does not develop anywhere near as well as Roy Helu, but it looks like Royster is gonna be the starter and I like Royster, so personally I would like him to be my more talented back, but if I try to edit him up and make him better I cant take that player into my CCM. Ridiculous, this needs to be better, this game just seems poorly thought through, c’mon y’all, im just a little disappointed.

  34. That is supposed to be an upgrade? Ridictulous. Sometimes it’s better to just leave well enough alone. Had I known that I would have never purchased Madden 13

  35. its not the same as playing a season, the coach mode sucks its like iam doing more b.s then playing a game. i hope ncaa is not like this cause madden sucks bad. i wanna make my own dude and put him on a damn team and win a damn super bowel, wtf this game will end up in my kids room used as a frisbee. wish i could get my money back

  36. How do I get my created player to START in career mode, I’m still riding the pine in week 4! Is there a way that my rookie created player can start in week 1???? Not fun to play only special teams with my MLB…

  37. the new madden sux. I just want to play a normal season mode like all my previous maddens. spent hrs and still cant figure out how. will try to check on this ccm. hopefully madden 14 will be more user friendly.

  38. Just bought this game for the WII along with the official players guide and have spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to play online, lil help please.

    • I have been playing Madden 12 online with WII for a year and had no trouble setting that up and just checked that it still works

  39. Look I don’t care about signing people to my team, and scheduling practice, all I want to do is play as the cowboys through a season. Why is basic thing about football not on the game? If I wanted to be a coach I’d coach pop-warner, if I cared enough about playing as me, I would try out for a practice squad. You can add all the bullshit you want, like game-face, that works with only a few macs. Updated rosters that barely update. Im going to flip a lid. I hate EA, they ruin everything they touch. Do you hear that? This is the sound of me throwing Madden 13 out of my hotel window, thank you EA for making a game that is pointless if I’m not online. Assholes.

  40. How do I challenge a play? I have looked and cant figure it out. Please explain this to me in detail. I love the game but need to know how to do this…

  41. When you go to MY Maddden and select Creatrion Center and then Create Player ….How do you use the Player you have Create when you trying to play into Connected Careers mode ???

  42. I haven’t touch madden since 09 since i play and enjoy fifa better and i finally play this year and still the same bullsh** its like going out with the hottest prettiest girl and finally get her in the sack to learn out she cant fu*k or suck i hope they dont fu*k up fifa 13 this is what happens when you dont have competition you can put out sh** and people with have to buy it

  43. Yo… why I can’t use updated or created rosters to start my season MD13 season? Why is Franchise Mode and Fantasy Draft taking out of the game? And CCM or whatever u guy’s like to call it is not a Franchise. There has to be some type of update(s) coming soon for playing a offline season, or fantasy with friends (co-op). I like to play a Franchise with multiple teams with my friends. please bring back player editing. I feel raped lol. EA raped me for my money, and took out all the features I love.

    I guess people who can’t afford internet won’t be able to play MD13 lol. That’s what this game is made play. That’s what happen when you let nerds make a game that we all love.

    • I cant believe they messed up Madden. What good are the updated graphics if people cant play the way we fell in love with the game….. Not this stupid ass Coach made aka fake franchise mode. I’m playing Madden 12 and I’ll update the roster myself. # Madden 13 sucks.

  44. Please tell me this isint true cause if so I have waisted 60 bucks. Well can u atleast upload the current roster to madden 2012???

    • Just got some good news for everyone. I just called ea sports an they said they are currently working on upgrades for offline ccm to fix every1 including my problems. Unfortunetly ur gna have to b online to get the upgrades smh

  45. Hi, I Will like to ask if anybody knows how to Play Online or how can i pay to suscribe to Play Online, i already have a live acount but it says an Xbox live membership limitation doesn’t allowds you to Play

  46. Just wondering if anybody knows if EA is releasing any updates to allow created players and updated rosters to be used in Career modes.

  47. Im playing offline coach career, I have the option to challenge a play when I have the ball but I cant when the the other team has the ball. For example, I was tackled, from what it looked like my knee hit the ground before the ball was released, I wanted to challenge it because the other team got the ball, but it wont let me. Any ideas???

  48. This is the worst madden ever. Spent over 2 fucking hours updating, connecting to Internet, setting up fucking passwords and user names, trying to get an offline season going controlling one team. How can they release shit like this? Too complicated. Selling on Craigslist and will never buy another madden again if it stays like this.

  49. Why cant I build a player in franchise mode madden 2013? I want to build a player then ut him in my franchise team to play against the cpu.

  50. When dealing with the injury and fatigue sliders which is to make the players less likely to get fatigued/injured, closer to 0 or closer to 100?

  51. How do you challenge a call while playing madden 13 online. I can do it when I play vs the CPU, but online when I press start the option to challenge isn’t there. I have checked in coaching options as well and I can’t find it.

  52. I am playing and when I goto challenge a play I cant. You said togo to coaching options but its not there. Is there a setting I am missing? I also checked every play but still not there.

  53. Gotta say, I don’t understand all the whingeing. CCM (Connected Careers Mode) is just how I always imagined Franchise Mode should be – choose a real NFL team and coach it though the season with REAL jeopardy – ie. you can get fired if you screw up! Admittedly, it has a few things missing. What would make it perfect is if you could design your own plays – and the ability to set formations & sub packages is more limited than in, say Madden 07.

    But my only real concern is that I’m having trouble understanding how the Fatigue & Auto Sub sliders work in offline CCM. In the old days, used to be you set Auto Subs to, say, 85 and your starter would come off the field when his fatigue fell below that. This doesn’t seem to work in offline CCM. Have they changed it somehow – if so, how does it work now?

  54. Hey Guys i Just got madden 13 and an XBOX but cant access online ? i got my free month trial , I tried registering thru origin but everytime i do it says the EA server is busy and try again later , am i just gonna have to PURCHASE gold membership to play or what ? Can some one pa pa pa please help me

  55. I dont know what has happened. But i went to play head to gead on online mode and a little message came up and said i couldnt play because there were xbox live membership limitations. I can connect to xbox livejust fineDoes anyone know what that could be?

  56. Can’t believe the level of stupidness I have read from all of you with the no franchise mode. It’s there and can be played offline in connected careers. If you want a your friends to be part of it go online and join the 21st century. It’s finally an in depth game. Best “franchise” mode.

    • you are an idiot how’s it the best Madden ever when there’s not even a coop mode for the franchise besides being online not everyone sits at home alone and plays games they like to involve others and hang out together

  57. i like to create a custom roster then play a frachise mode offline. i use multiple teams. in ccm mode, u can not use more than one team and when u adjust rosters u cant use that team in ccm mode. they give u old default roster. i cant belive u cant play a normal franchise mode. worst madded ever. will tell everyone to not buy.

  58. Ok im new to madden mut i love the fact i can collect cards and play thwm but do not understand how i get the weekly challenges cards can you explain this to me how do i get them or what i have to do to get them i just picked 13 up and week 7s was not on there do i have to start on week 1s challenges? Plz help xboxlive gt is the mo bizkitz

  59. This game is ass if a wr got 20 to 15 yards on a beat defender how is it possible for them to jump 20 feet in the air to get a pic its stupid as hell don’t fix the way a player moves if you can’t balance out the rest of the game and quarter backs in the NFL don’t miss by that much


  60. To hear you guys complain so much over this GREAT game is really sad. NFL is a game played in the USA and I take it most if not all of you life in the USA. I feel really good about myself taking that I’m from South Africa and I’m real impressed by this game. The game is difficult but realistic and that is what makes it fun. Man up and try to out smart the CPU, or hit the internet and STUDY STUDY STUDY. That is how I learnt most of my restricted knowledge of the game and how to play it.

  61. How the hell do you get a touchdown!? This is my first Madden and I play on Pro because I don’t want it piss easy on career. I am playing as the “Coach” of the Falcon’s and just played first season game vs Chiefs. Lost 0 – 10 as soon as I start an offence i’m already on the flaming floor.. WTF!?

  62. a yo man Jp all you have to do is go to my madden,create your players first go to the team depth chart more then likely you will have to release some players to add your created players on the team

  63. Ive been playing Madden 12 for wii online. It seems every time I start winning games the other players start pausing the game and then next thing I know Im forced to end the game and take a loss. I cant seem to ever finish a game without the other guy causing me to lose it. How are they doing this and can I prevent it?

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