How To Tebow: Tebowing in Madden NFL 13

Now that Tebowing is confirmed for Madden NFL 13 here is how to perform the celebration.

Tebowing Madden 13

Young is a huge proponent of presentation in his games and has really taken Madden a step up with his addition of HDR Lightning, Motion Blur and New Menu system.

How to Tebow in Madden 13 -

Pick NY Jets
Throw an INT with Sanchez
Wait for crowd to Boo
Throw another Int with Sanchez
Wait for crowd to start chanting “Tebow”
Place Tim Tebow in the game from backup
Throw 10 incompletions in a row
Fall behind by two scores by the two minute warning
Pause game, go to EA Tracks, select “Our God is an awesome God” song and turn the volume to 100
Start your comeback with a deep bomb throw, non spiral.
Perform Miracle onside kick
Scramble around, scramble some more, and then run in the game winning score.
If you finish with 316 total yards, Tebow will take the knee and TEBOW.  (Joke)

Tebowing in Madden 13, its in the game!

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