Justin Hunter's Projected Madden NFL 25 Rating

I have been salivating over Justin Hunter for the past week, about his potential in Madden NFL 25. I typically don’t dive into measurements, but because of the obsession with Hunter I have started poking around. His hands are 9 3/8 inches long. At first I had no idea if that was big or not, and then I looked down at my little hands and figured it out fairly quickly. The next shocking thing is that the average foot size of a man is 9 (43). Now, I don’t know if that means 9 inches and I’m completely lost on what the 43 represents.

Knowing all this about Hunter—does this not get you excited about the guy? How do you not want him on your team?

College: Tennessee
Position: WR
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 196

Projected Madden NFL 25 Ratings

OVR: 73
SPD: 90
ACC: 92
AGI: 91
CIT: 74
CTH: 83
Hand Size: 9 3/8 inches

Fact Not Opinion: The New England Patriots will trade up to grab Hunter early in the second round.

 Picture of my tiny hands.

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