Madden NFL 13 Best Overall Scheme

The other day ZFarls and I were battling about what the best overall scheme in Madden NFL 13 would be.

ZFarls is hell bent that Gun Spread – Curl Flats is needed as the base. At this point in the season I think Curl Flats is no longer the best scheme as a base but is the best complementary offense in the game. I think you dink and dunk Curl Flats rather than make it your base. He told me I’m crazy, but personally I think he’s putting too many eggs in one basket with Curl Flats.

Here are the plays that I would use:

Gun Flex Wing – Read Option
Gun Snugs – Jets Slot Post
Gun Snugs – HB Draw
Gun Heavy – PA Post (I forget the actual name)
Gun Ace – FL Screen

Base Play: Gun Flex Wing – HB Slip Screen

Here are ZFarls’s plays:

Gun Ace – Curl Flats
Singleback Ace – Curl Flats
Shotgun 5 Wide – Curl Flats
Goal Line – QB Sneak
Goal Line – Curl Flats

Mostly kidding – add some Falcon Cross in there.

Now my question to Madden Tip Nation is, what would your audibles be? We already have a few people that have posted on the forums.

Leave your plays below!


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0 thoughts on “Madden NFL 13 Best Overall Scheme

  1. Redskins book

    Gun split :Hb slip screen
    Single back bunch:Y Trail
    Sb ace: close drag(thanks to print guide)
    Sb tight pair: stretch
    Gun y-trips:read option
    I run this with the hawks.

    I had a ton of success with pats book
    Gun split: Hb slip screen
    SB bunch: Y trail
    SB bunch: HB draw
    I-tight: Iso
    Strong I: slip screen ( this one changed a lot)

    I wanted some read options and more variety in runs though. Gotta feed the beast.

      • Any playbook I would think

        Pats/SB Bunch: Y trail(The stock audibles are great you get a bench or sideline post at 2 depths a curl flat combo, wheel routes and the run is good to either side)

        Pats/Gun Split: HB slip screen( again the audibles out of it are all good. The deep pass could be Deep Dig and there is no bench but you end up with a screen to both sides.)

        Trey open: read option (not sure what playbooks has the best audibles but most have PA WR in which is good and a curl flat on quick pass)

        Panthers/Heavy Panther: panther stick (it’s deadly on the goaline at least on Xbox)

        Pats/Gun Ace: FL Screen( the audibles are alright but gotta have something ace if your talking best scheme but I’m sure that’s not what “Problem” runs so that’s wrong I’m sure.
        But I think that’s close

  2. Gun Bunch HB Strong – Counter
    Gun Bunch HB Strong – Y Trail
    Ace Tight Slots – Cross Wheel Drags
    Gun Doubles Curl Flats
    Gun Doubles FL Middle

    Base- Normal Y-slot Curl Flats

  3. Not too sure these are the best, but these are what thy currently are.
    Saints Playbook:
    1.Strong Close: PA Scissors
    2.Strong Close: HB Counter WK
    3.I Form Twins Flex: Inside Cross
    4.SB Bunch Base: Seattle
    5.SB Bunch Base:Z Spot

    Feel free to comment!

    • Most importantly, I know what the stock audibles are from these 3 separate formations, and I know how to use them! I know what else I can get to with them. I went with this set up because it gave me the most ‘bang for my buck.’

  4. Balanced playbook (I use packers with Cobb at WR4)

    Base play: Shotgun Empty Spread: curls. Put both outside WR on outs for curl flat concept. I like to change TE between the stock, streak, block and zig route.
    QA PA pass is Smash. In either empty spread play, if you motion the left slot to the right, he stops at a TE position and often gets a misaligned free release. Mix that with a motion fade and it can be more effective.

    Audible 1: i form tight: iso
    QA run (down) is power O to right. Using playmaker with the ISo and Power o, you can hit four gaps with out moving a player.
    QA PA pass is a good man beater with TE flag route. I like to motion drag the wide out.
    QA quick pass and hot route both TE to streaks and you can run the dual streaks.

    Audible 2: shotgun trips: Hb Screen. Put TE on a streak for a quick inside/outside read to compliment the screen.

    Audible 3: shotgun trips: Z spot: put TE on streak and HB on a swing to the right. Look to the slot wide receiver when he breaks or the streak. I like to put the left WR on a curl because its an easy third/fourth read.

    Audible 4: shotgun snugs flip: mesh. Although it is very effective to put the left slot WR on a streak and pass lead in, I like to leave him on a drag and motion him to the left. Snap once he is a few steps beyond the outside WR. The WR will snap back toward the middle for a great man beater. Prolly should streak the TE and put HB on a wheel.

    Audible 5: shotgun spread: post flags. Put HB on a streak. You can mix in a motioned fade with one of the slot WR or smart route the double move by the outside WRs.
    QA quick pass is curl flats with the good angle route by HB
    QA pa pass is deep come backs which is really useful at times. Because it takes time for those routes to develop, I like to block the HB and the TE (the right slot). I will motion the TE to the left and snap once he gets behind the linemen to add another blocker.

  5. 49ers

    Singleback Ace Pair-TE Attack
    Niners Heavy- Off Tackle
    Strong Pro- 494 Flat
    Gun Split Y Flex- Mesh
    Read Optio- Forgot which set. Sorry…

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