Madden NFL 13 Fantasy Draft Added via Patch!

Hey Gamers,

Fresh and great news regarding fantasy drafts in Madden NFL 13 came out today, and it appears that as of Friday, Sept. 14, Fantasy Drafts will be patched and available as an option to start your Connected Careers Mode (CCM, the new Franchise Mode).

Madden 13 Fantasy DraftCheck it out tomorrow and let us know in the comments if you’re excited to do a draft! This idea was one of the most suggested on the EA SPORTS Game Changers “My Game Idea” page, where you can leave your own input on what to add to the next big game!

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0 thoughts on “Madden NFL 13 Fantasy Draft Added via Patch!

  1. It’s not what we want. You still can’t do local drafts with your friends. Seriously, how disconnected is EA from their fanbase? I know of so many people pissed off and returning / not buying the game because there is no local fantasy draft. Quit trying to force us into your online gaming world, you’re only making your fans angry. 2k sports please come back.

  2. EA needs to fix the settings option in career mode so adjustments save like they do in the exhibition mode of the game. I like to set the setting option regarding camera view on broadcast view because any other view makes me dizzy and I than can’t play the game. What’s the sense in editing the game , not including the attributes of the players, if the changes don’t transfer over to career mode. Please fix now that you have the ability to do so.

  3. got it 4 xmas and very not happy, i always playd the franchise mode,and dont wanna play my sports games online. so zero fun in that stupid career mode, u are limited to that 1 guy, u dont get to play d if ur an o guy. i also enjoyed making my own teams and stadiums and pissn w the rosters and drafts. i even miss pricing the beers and foam fingers and cheerleaders at halftime. thinkn bout returning it. the new engine is very good thu, but ur other playing option in play now is xibition or superbowl. i just wanna play my franchise, lose that career dumb crap. im very mad.

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