Madden 13 NFL Draft - Winners and Losers

Which of the 32 NFL Teams Improved with the NFL Draft and who didn’t add any firepower to their roster in Madden NFL 13? Here we check out the grades for each squad.

Madden 13 Trent Richardson

Biggest Winners -
Washington Redskins – A
The trade up to get Robert Griffin who will unleash 93 Speed and 88 Deep Throw Acc onto the scene next year was an amazing move. They got their guy who will be a Madden gem for years to come.

NY Jets – B
Stephen Hill should be a stud in Madden 13, his speed and great catches should translate well. They will still be slow on defense but added some more depth to work around with.

NY Giants B+ – Anytime you take skill players, you make this list. Giants went with RB, WR and CB early in the draft. In 3 years, these picks don’t always work, but year one its exciting for the fans. Randle will replace Manningham nicely as a big target. Wilson should help add depth that Jacobs leaving creates. Hosley becomes another player to throw out in the deeeeep NY secondary.

SF 49ers B- – LaMichael James was a gem in this draft and the 49ers finally snagged him in the 2nd round. He will fill in nicely after Frank Gore and give you a change of pace with Hunter. AJ Jenkins should be a fast target that can burn the outside with Ted Ginn. A bigger possesion WR might have been nicer for the short throw master Alex Smith.

TB Bucs B – Add power in the secondary and another RB to go along with power attack of Blount. The Bucs picks may not have been as flashy, but with solid QB Josh Freeman, they will remain a solid team.

Honorable Mention – Philly adding some depth to the front 7 to mess around with next season.
Rams – Janoris Jenkins is an athletic stud and could play big on the Madden stage.
Cardinals – Floyd will be a nice target opposite Larry Fitz, still need a QB though.
Colts – Fleener will be a star in this game and Andrew Luck is a sleeper with 82 speed in the Madden 13.

Bears – Shea McClellin may be fast enough off the edge and WR Alshon Jeffery has been a target for Madden fans for years!

Biggest Losers -
Denver Broncos – D
This is strictly for Madden improvement and they didn’t get much better right away. They have addressed some of their issues at TE etc through FA but would have like to see an impact player earlier. Brock Osweilier won’t see any time and won’t have this team on the popular area if Peyton Manning gets injured.

New Orleans Saints I – The Saints didn’t have many picks so it wasn’t about who they selected. WR Nick Toon could be pretty solid but they had tons of depth on offense already. Safety would have been nice to give the aging Roman Harper some help.

Cleveland Browns – C Trent Richardson will be a beast in this league for sure, but will he have enough speed to be the feature runner for an elite offense. We also would like to see a stud WR instead of a QB with the Weeden pick. McCoy was solid enough for a certain type of offense.

Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags took Justin Blackmon but at only 6’0 and without a great QB throwing him the ball, can he get it done on his own? They took a punter with good skill still on the board and had to trade up to snag JB.

Pittsburgh Steelers -D  Madden Only – Pitt took all players that will make them better in the trenches which they need desperately. This is a reason they are great every season, they rebuild quietly, we need some flashy picks for Madden though! (Update: Chris Rainey!!!!! SPEED)

Mention – Panthers – Love Keuchly but already had STACKED LB’s!
Bengals – Kirkpatrick is nice but already had solid CB’s and does he have top end speed?

What teams did we miss and who are some sleepers we need to check out?

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