Madden 13 Ratings – What Do They Do?

ZFarls and SGibs live talking Madden ratings, but many gamers out there aren’t even sure what each one does. Some are pretty obvious, but what goes into certain ratings, like Pursuit? What ratings matter more than others, and what position needs certain skills? Here the guys go in-depth and explain what each rating in Madden NFL 13 means and does!

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0 thoughts on “Madden 13 Ratings – What Do They Do?

  1. From someone who has played 400gms a year since 04 i think u guys are off on a few ratings, the run block stg and run block footwork i beleive are how well they o linemen does vs a power or finesse move in run or pass situations. I beleive run block stg vs a power move on a run play is two stats that go eas to head to determine the success of the move during the play, this theory is applied to man coverage vs route running and play reconigtion vs play action stat and tackle vs break tackle also the core stats stg speed agilty all go head to head vs eachother

  2. Hey guys, awesome video I was actually labbing the redskins the other day and thinking of old madden games saying to myself “man that route running rating really does matter this year, in old years drags and slants with the raiders beat cornerbacks no matter what. I was running a post route with Josh Morgan and Pierre Garcon and I noticed that since Garcons Route running was better the CB would NOT be looking back at the QB for the ball, and this year that is huge, since if they arent looking its almost like they are open even if the CB is there. I ran the same route with josh morgan who has a 77 rte running rating and the CB would pick me off or be in front of him everytime, Garcon and Santana Moss with mid 80 Rte Running would have the CB turned around 100 percent of the time on this post route and the CB couldnt do anything about it, of course unless you click on and press triangle for a pick, but if he isnt looking the cpu doesnt seeem to grant you a pick.

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  12. I strongly believe power moves and finesse moves relate solely to pass rushing, while block shedding relates solely to run defense.

    I agree with Jackson regarding route running: I suspect it is more important to a receiver’s ability to get open than are pure speed, agility, etc. Similarly, unless you are user controlling a defender, man coverage or zone coverage is much more important than a defender’s speed, agility.

  13. In my opinion, the animations allow a higher ranked returner more opportunities to gain yards on returns. I noticed this when swapping Josh Cribbs (99 return but only 91 speed) for Travis Benjamin (96 speed, but only about 80 on returns). Blocking, etc., seems clearly better for Cribbs.

  14. How much does awareness affect o lineman? I drafted a o lineman with good strength, run block, pass block and impact blocking. His awareness is 10 though! Will he be a turnstyle for d lineman? Or does awareness not matter for O lineman at all?

  15. Great tips! Really appreciate this

    Few things I’ve noticed. Every players rating is different depending on position. For example, with o-lineman awareness rating more pertaining to what blocks to hit and the guys around him. Meanwhile a wRs awareness is more tuned to how they track the ball in the air plus all the guys around him. If you havnt noticed already there is so much awareness does for a player. It’s probably one of if not the most important rating. You have a guy struggling? Bump that awareness see how it works. Another thing I’ve noticed is hit power isn’t solely a fumble rating, if you have a guy like Taylor mays who’s hit power is above 90 but his tackle is below 70 a lot of his hits will not only result to not forcing a fumble but players will even bounce off him! So if indeed you want alot of forced fumbles have a high hit power but also take time to raise that tackle. Also I don’t think you guys have the elusive ratin and agility rating right exactly.. your elusive rating is going to determine how fast you cut in between the numbers or players without any aid from yourjuke stick. For example, wail running up field you will notice its hard for a defensive player to keep up with your lateral movement. I also think agility is more the one geared towards your ability to break tackles and spin guys out of there shoes. I find the most fascinating rating one you don’t see. In connected career I notice a almost emotional state from players who get traded to a team they don’t like or have a bad game they do not play as hard, that’s way it is very important to keep the consistency rating at 3-4 so they play hard threw the wire.

  16. I read on a different page (a forum or something) that strength for runner backs helps them maintain ball control. Or in other words, they don’t fumble as much when they’re strength is higher. Is this true?

  17. hey you left out “play recognition” and “tackling”. iplay on All-Madden and over the last few season I’ve been upgrading my players’ tackling because the (CPU)runningbacks in All-Madden average about 200-300 yds a game, 600+ if you’re not careful. I’m a pretty good Madden player and so are the other ppl in my league (ialso have a VERY nice linebacker corps with the Panthers and each backers’ tackling is 90+ now), but I need to know what ratings need to be upgraded to stop the (CPU’s)run, AND what exactly does “play recognition” do for you in gameplay?

  18. also, why didn’t the madden creators describe the attributes and traits in the game so we would know exactly what we’re purchasing? or at least make a forum about it. I mean really, “Change predictability trait for HB — Purchase this package to become a more predictable player” ??? that really explained a lot (sarcasm). why would iwant my runningback be more predictable???

    • Haha, I would guess you can’t block punts or field goals.

      If you select block punt, the CPU lines up in anti block punt formation.
      If you select normal punt return, the CPU lines up in normal punt formation.
      If you select onside kick, the CPU automatically selects onside kick return.

      I wouldn’t mind if there was some kind of logic to it, or indeed if the CPU called an audible in response to seeing me trying to block a punt, or kick onside, but apparently the developers think the CPU playing as the worlds best psychic is the right balance…

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