Madden NFL 13 Tips: Cody Ballard's Scheme of the Week

Cody Ballard is back, and today he will be breaking down the New York Jets offensive playbook. On the defensive side of the ball he dives deep into the 4-4 defensive formation. Both schemes broken down today can bolster your overall schemes and give you insight into one of the brightest young minds in Madden Tip Nation.


OK guys, I’ve been wanting to do these two schemes for a while. Offensively, let’s talk about the New York Jets playbook and what we will be doing with Tim Tebow and the Jet Heavy formation. This formation is amazing because it forces the defense to commit to stopping the run as well as some very difficult quick passes from our quick audibles. The philosophy of this offense is to ground and pound on 1st down and look to utilize our opponent’s aggressiveness in trying to stop the run to capitalize with our quick passes.  It’s important to establish the run because it will open up your passing game when needed. Now onto the defense. The 4-4 formation has been my bread and butter since October. This formation has so much to offer. Below you will find setups in the video for two-man, three-man, five-man, and six-man blitzes. Please make sure you work your way up to the six-man blitz. You will want to see how they handle the two- and three-man A gaps left and right. If they are picking that up, mix in some coverage D and some edge pressure. Once they start blocking a HB every time in that 3rd and 3 situation, spring the six-man blitz – also known as THE BLITZ – and do our ultimate yellow zone technique and boom!!! You’ll have your opponent wanting to quit. Thanks for checking out these two schemes – hope you enjoy.

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