Madden NFL 13 Tips: Having Confidence Against Any Opponent

This is a reflective piece. Everyone will have their own answers. Take a second to think about these questions and then see how they affect your Madden game:
If you go into the game against a level 6 opponent, what are you thinking? Are you confident that you can win?

If you go into the game against a level 18 opponent, what are you thinking? Are you scared that he or she is out of your league?

Do you have the same strategies against both players? Are you more nervous against one or the other?

Here is a small chart revealing my thoughts when I head into a game. If I am in a down spell and have had a few unlucky games I can quickly get into the lack of confidence side. It is very dangerous because there is no benefit. Now, if I am over confident that can be dangerous; however, if I just play my game and know what I am trying to accomplish, it gives me the best chance to win.

 Confidence       Lack of Confidence
All right, this guy is a solid player, but my scheme is still solid, and I have enough confidence to run this on anyone. He may be able to adjust his D, but that is when I will adjust my offense and hit him with something new. This is going to be a great chess match, and I am ready and confident in my defense. I am gonna blitz him and force him to prove he can beat my heat. Oh, no, this kid is going to shut down everything I do. I will hardly have enough time to throw the ball and he is going to have all types of super nanos that sack me instantly. Hopefully I will have enough time to throw picks. I would be better off to sit back and make sure he can't score quick touchdowns and prevent big plays. If I blitz he will pick me apart and is too good to throw INTs.
level player

This kid sucks, Can't wait to get in the game with him and get a 21-0 win before he quits. On defense I am going to blitz the heck out of him because I know that I can make quick adjustments to stop his offense. He probably won't change it up and I will destroy his average defense with my offense. Can't wait to have some time in the pocket and force some turnovers on D! All right, we should be around the same level. Hopefully he doesn't get any lucky turnovers, because I can't overcome that. I will just wait him out on offense and hope he can't beat my conservative defense. On offense I will just run my few plays and I hope he won't be good enough to make adjustments.

Our tips and tactics here on this site will have you up to speed. You need to realize that if you're getting hit in the flats, just stick a flat zone out there to deter the throw. Against a good or bad player this will work, yet when we are getting gashed we get down on ourselves and think that we are incapable of winning, which is not true. In Madden, nearly any player can win at least one game, especially with an accelerated clock and a lucky fumble. Be confident in yourself when heading into a game, no matter who you are playing.

Would you rather play a guy who is 50-5 and preys on level 1 players or someone who is 25-20 and consistently takes on players in the level 20s? Clearly the second has seen more advanced plays and tactics then the first guy, who probably can win without breaking a sweat.

As always, Madden Tips Nation recommends playing top talent, because you will always get better, and no matter who you are going up against, HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR GAME!!!!

We know you are looking to take your game to the next level. To do that check out our Starter and Tournament eGuides below!

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0 thoughts on “Madden NFL 13 Tips: Having Confidence Against Any Opponent

  1. This post could not have come at a better time for me. I just recently purchased the winners guide and while initially I was thrashing people as a result (I absolutely love it). It’s taking me longer that I anticipated to become acclimated with the NYG playbook. Part of this I believe is due to a confidence factor. And you guys touched on it somewhat in the last twim when some asked the question what is the best thing to do to recover from a loss. All of these tips were great and if nobody else appreciated them just know that I do. Thanks again for the help and keep being awesome guys. #lockup #boldflavors

    • thanks so much man – appreciate the response back.

      we all struggle at this game and we all go through our ups and downs.

      im over confident in the majority of my games and it hurts me sometimes because i will do silly things when I shouldnt.

      then when I get into a big game with someone I sometimes play scared and or more conservative. I will almost think “what does this guy know that I dont”

      i try and always remember to just play my game no matter who the opponent is.

  2. Great post and so true for the most part. You just described about 85% of the community. I used to think this way as well until I got comfortable in my on skin so to speak. Once you are in a place where opponent or team doesnt matter then you on your way up. this game is all mental and if you defeat yourself before the kickoff then you shouldn’t pick up the sticks.

  3. I love this post because your emotions going into the game determine how your going to play. I know if I go in confident against a common opponent I have a better chance of winning rather then than going in scared and cautious against a player you don’t know much about. I also figured out if your opponent gets a lucky pick six or fumble recovery TD its best to calm yourself by using your play clock and maybe going a little conservative instead trying to go for Home Runs and get back the score right away because that leads to more turnovers and more emotional tilts.

  4. As tsThis is the perfect way to look at it because im the same way the best thing madden did was take there skill level off there when it comes to match making because madden when level 28 an up i use to think they wew goin to kick my tail but i just realize them guys just like me

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