Madden 13 Tips - Reasons You Need A Base Play!

Many people wonder what exactly is a base play and how can they be different for each team and playbook combination? Should you really call it more than once in a row?

In our eyes, having a base play to come out in Madden NFL 13 is one of the best ways to get better. A “base play” is always a passing play that gives you confidence and rhythm on offense and allows your best 11 players to be on the field. You come out in the base play because it makes it easy to read the defense, and it allows you plenty of quick adjustments to beat multiple types of coverage. You should consistently come out in this play until your opponent has seen all your setups and starts to make adjustments. From the base play, we have man-, zone-, and blitz-beating plays that we can adjust to, depending on how our opponent makes adjustments.

So far in Madden NFL 13, the best base play we have found is Gun Normal Wing NY—Giants Slot Trail.
Giants Slot Trail Madden 13 It may not look like much, but after tinkering around with the routes and concepts from this play, we are certain it will be a challenge for any defense to stop. We built our offense around this specific play and love the versatility it allows. From here, we have other formations that are quick to access and allow us to take advantage of holes that defending the base play opens up in the defense.

We cover this play fully in our Specialized Offensive Guide (Tourney) and feel that it will truly make you a better Madden player. This guide also includes more great tips like:

  • ZFarls’s breakdown of the Gun Doubles Wk formation (Curl Flat!)
  • Gaining inside position against the defense
  • Top 10 recommended teams to use
  • Two different sets of audibles depending on your game plan and play style
  • A full sample game showing how players online will try to defend your attack
  • How to utilize a 3-headed rushing attack from two different formations
  • A bonus play to score in the red zone
  • #BenchBonus


Click Here to Access Now! Just 9.99! 



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