Madden NFL 13 Top 10 Teams – Revised!

Make sure to check out “This Week in Madden: Show 86, tonight (Wed.) at 8 ET! There will be a special announcement at the start of the show!

With all the recent Madden NFL 13 roster updates, there has clearly been a shakeup at the top. QB Aaron Rodgers has taken a hit with his deep accuracy that no longer truly separates him from the pack. He is still the best overall passer in the game, but it’s no longer clear-cut. He now has Kaepernick as a better overall athletic option and Brady as a better pure pocket passer option. While he is still the best of both worlds, what do the ratings look like for teams now?

Former Madden NFL 13 Power Rankings

Current Top 10 Madden NFL 13 Teams

10. Ravens: They edge out Atlanta for now, but if their fall continues, the Falcons will boost up!
9. Pitt/Cincy tie: Whoever gets in will probably benefit from ratings updates and get the nod.
8. Lions: Matt Stafford is excellent, and Jahvid Best is solid to use.
7. Giants: They’re balanced, but there’s no HB or speed in the secondary or LB corps (to play 49ers style).
6. Bears: They have some mean hit power on their defense.
5. Cowboys: They’re still very balanced but not eye-popping in any category.
4. Seahawks: Hustle Wilson has improved, and their secondary is great.
3. Packers: Rodgers and having no true HB drop them down two spots.
2. Patriots: Brady and a surprisingly decent defense.
1. 49ers: Best defense…ever? Or this gen?

Gone are the Eagles, whose play style never quite fit this year’s game, along with the Saints, for the same reason. What always happens is a shift towards defense at the end of the season. People have learned how to play an offensive style that suits their game and they focus on defense. The figure out what schemes are the best, but many require elite players all over the line like SF has. Gamers must ask, can I get this done with just DeMarcus Ware, or do I need a second nasty rusher to make this blitz scheme work? Then, they move on from there and arrive at their squad. Most gamers use the top team because it gives them the best overall chance to win.
Who do you use?

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0 thoughts on “Madden NFL 13 Top 10 Teams – Revised!

  1. I’m back using the Seahawks I had considered the Texans and Bears though. The Bears don’t have the speed at TE that I was looking for and Schaub isn’t a threat to run like Wilson can be

  2. 49ers are too good in this game its not fair. I am a falcons fan and I try to use them and they are getting better with the updates. I would use them more if quizz rodgers had at least 90 speed. I feel in general the falcons have been screwed over in updates overall! They are the #1 seed in the nfc and just because its not always pretty who cares they have to have a lot of talent to win all those games winning in the nfl week in and week out is tuff. Been using the Vikings quite a bit lately and they actually have a pretty nice squad for a lower rated team! Texans should also be on this list there secondary is nice.

    • i agree man.I’ve won many many games with atl.I think they dont get the nod because matty doesnt have a great arm.he throws lob- bullets. but there D is overlooked but they have a really good secondary tho it lacks speed.They make plays all the time for me.I still roll packers over them simply because of QB.try julio at tight end, harry at the 2 wr. Julio kills at te.

  3. I don’t really have a favorite team to use, yet. I like my Steelers, but not crazy about their secondary’s low catch rating (and IRL). Panthers are fun, but Cam can be maddening with his medium accuracy rating. Seattle is one of the teams that is growing on me. The Raiders have a nice ground game and fast receivers, but that’s about it. And the Packers are the Packers. Still up in the air for me.

  4. The Bears in the top 10? That is an interesting choice, I would not have thought of them.

    I started the season using the Eagles, but I’ve since switched to the Falcons. I agree that they have gotten screwed with updates, as Jacquizz Rodgers should have at least 90 speed. Also, Matt Ryan was up to a 95 at one point, but since then, they have dropped his throw power and deep accuracy.

    In my opinion, I don’t see how the Redskins can not be considered one of the top ten teams. Griffin is arguably the best QB in the game, and with their speed at receiver, they can be almost impossible to defend.

  5. Started Madden 13 with the Cowboys till about october/november. Then switched up and used the falcons for a month or so….currently switch between those two teams and Carolina.

  6. I always rolled with the Pats through the good and the bad. I’m surprised that every time I try to play unranked online, people always quit when they see I pick the Pats. However, I don’t see people choosing the Pats that often though. 49ers and Falcons seemed to be the teams I see people choosing the most.

  7. I play with BAL but am a Cowboys fan. I’m surprised DAL is ranked higher than most. I’m glad they have decided to start playing but they deserve a lower ranking…

  8. Wow messing around with the depth charts and Denver wow! Where are they on the top ten list? the RBs aren’t great but other than that I don’t see a lot of weaknesses. I run ace double tight formations mostly and run a 335 on defense and with that personal they are great, not to mention Holliday is a weapon.

  9. I’ve always used the patriots, and their offense is deadly on this years’s game, but I get tired of the same matchups, so I’ve strayed away from them. Niners are unfair good, but I also love the weapon RG3 is, and the broncos with a good running back and Peyton at the helm are a real solid option. I’m not sure why Denver hasn’t made your top 10.

  10. I see a couple votes for Denver, I feel like they didn’t have a good enough RB. I will have to check them out again, also who is good for the slot? Von Miller is that Aldon Smith type guy so the D can probably flow from there. Gotta get back on them, my man Calhoun County uses them nicely!

  11. McGahee isn’t bad unless you’re not using injured players, but I have seen some of the play examples on this site using demps for the patriots who was put on ir before the season started. McGahee breaks a decent amount of tackles and isn’t elite, but it’s enough to get a run game going out of the I and get people open on play action or some quick throws.

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