Madden 13 Training Camp – How to Playmaker on Offense

Playmaker in Madden is a great feature that was added back in Madden NFL 04 – the “Old Gen” (PS2!). Mike Vick and I made a dominant team in Madden NFL 05 by telling Warrick Dunn to “go deep”!

Madden 13 Playmaker Tips

In the old days, all you had to do was press the right stick to move the closest receiver to a new route towards the direction you pushed. Now, you simply have to hold L2 and use the RS and you will get the same effect. The great thing about Playmaker is that when the defense drops everyone back and your QB has all day, you can keep the play alive and tell your receivers where to head downfield. This is a great way for a patient player to really pick up big yards against a coverage D.

If you have ever seen your WR cut downfield after finishing his route, then released the throw only to see him change direction (“Interception, NO”), then you should work on using Playmaker to make sure you’re on the same page.

Be careful, though; illegal touching penalties are in this year’s game, so make sure you’re not throwing to a WR who has run out of bounds, or this will cost you yards.


For more terms and tips, check out the Glossary to learn all the Madden NFL Language!

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