Madden NFL 25 MUT Tips: Top 5 Chemistry Boosts

Madden 25 Chemistry Boost

Today, we have a special post from EA SPORTS Gamechanger “MUTGURU,” who has attended multiple community events for MUT. He will also be giving away a free Pro Pack featuring an 85 OVR Barry Sanders for Xbox and PS3 on Twitter! Today, he delivers the Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Chemistry in Madden Ultimate Team!

Madden NFL 25‘s Ultimate Team revolves around chemistry—four offensive and four defensive chemistries. From pass rush to ground-and-pound, you can completely customize your Ultimate Team to each player’s strengths and playing style. Each chemistry gives players on the field specific stat boosts to make the desired impact.

Here are the top 5 ways to increase, top out, and crush it with MUT25 chemistries: 

5: Top 100 Rookies 

These are silver cards of famous players as rookies. Drew Brees as a Charger? Marshawn Lynch as a Bill? They have a chemistry boost of anywhere between +3 and +6 to their respective chemistry type. Best part is, they come out of most Pro Packs, are cheap on the auction house, and some of them are actually really good. I can’t afford the elite Megatron, but my top 100 rookie does just fine. Height kills.

4:  Gold Players/Gold Coaches 

MUT Top Rookies

In Ultimate Team you get one gold player per Pro Pack. These gold players have anywhere from +5 to +10 in their chemistries.

Somewhat more rare are the gold coaches. They can also be found in Pro Packs, but I recommend just buying one off of the auction block; they’re that rare in packs. They boost their chemistries +10.

3: Legends

Best MUT 25 RB's

There are two types of legends in MUT 25. There are the very rare legends that are rated 90-95, and then there are their lower overall counterparts, the rookie legends, which are in packs for a limited time but have a serious chemistry boosting punch.

Although they are only in packs for a limited time and have low overall ratings, rookie legends give a whopping +13 to each of their chemistries!

If you’re lucky enough to pull a high overall legend it doesn’t automatically come with a boost. You have to complete that card’s “Legendary Solo Challenge.” After you beat that legend’s team you’ll get his collectible and be able to unlock your chemistry-infused card. My 94 Otto Graham has +9 to Ground and Pound.

2: Elite Player Cards

MUT Elite Adrian Peterson

Ultimate Team has multiple Elite Players from each position this year. They are the top rated cards at each position and are easily recognizable by their red color. They are also one of the easiest ways to boost your chemistry. There are two types: the base elites and the boosted chemistry elites. Same Player/Same Stats – Different Picture/Higher Chemistry Boost. They add anywhere from +9 to +11 in chemistry.

1: 99 Overall Elite Coaches 

We touched on the gold coaches earlier, but now I’m gonna tell you how to make that coach double his chemistry output to a whopping +20 chemistry boost.

Head to the solo challenge “regular seasons” for each team. Playing every game in a team’s regular season will net you that team’s “Coach Collectible.” You can now pair this collectible with any of the Gold Coach “Twins” and receive the 99 elite version of that coach! Collect all 99 elite coaches for the ultimate coach: Vince Lombardi gives two different chemistries boosts!

I hope you found this informative and use it to increase the chemistry of your choice to take to the field and dominate. If you have any questions hit me up here on forum or @MUTGuru.


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