Madden NFL 25 Tips: How to Stop Scrambling QBs!

We have already explored how to shut down the Read Option in Madden NFL 25, but sooner or later you will come across an opponent who likes to run around with the QB in the passing game. This can be the worst thing that has ever happened to you, but with this section we show you exactly how to prevent the QB scramble on passing plays.

5 Zone Coverage
4 Man QB Spy Coverage
3 Pressure Off the Edge
2 CB Blitzes
1 Contain Defensive Ends

Honorable Mention:
Max Coverage Defense with QB Spies

5 Zone Coverage

Madden 25 Stop Read Option

Zone coverage typically keeps your defenders squared up to the line of scrimmage, which allows your defenders to attack the QB if he scrambles.

Picking any zone play is a good idea if you don’t want to get too advanced with your defensive setups to stop scrambling QBs. Man-to-man defenses force defenders to trail offensive players as they cover them all around the field. This results in defenders turning their backs to the line of scrimmage and losing sight of the scrambling QB. Playing zone coverage ensures that your defenders never lose their line of sight to the QB, which means faster reactions to the QB who likes to scramble.

4 Man QB Spy Coverage

Madden 25 Running QB Defense

There are a ton of Man QB Spy plays in Madden NFL 25, in multiple formations. No adjustments are required.

We like using Man QB Spy coverage as the quickest way to spy the QB. The play already has a QB spy built into the coverage, so no adjustments are required. Call the play and you are ready to go. If your opponent is skilled, the QB might be able to shake the QB spy defender, so be cautious with your user defender and be ready to chase down the QB if needed. Consider adding a second spy if the QB escapes a few times!

3 Pressure Off the Edge

Madden 25 Stop Running QB's

Dime DB Blitz and DB Blitz 2 are the best plays in the game to pressure scrambling QBs off the edge.

Pressure off the edge will prevent scrambling QBs from getting outside of the pass rush and force them back into the interior of the offensive line. This is exactly what we want to happen, as it’s extremely difficult to maneuver into space here. The only weakness to this style of defense is if your opponent recognizes the blitz and passes the ball quickly instead of scrambling with his QB. Mix up your play calling and you will have major success with this tip. Try to bring the pressure from the side of the QB’s throwing arm, as he won’t be able to throw as well if he is rolling to his weak side.

2 CB Blitzes

Madden 25 Running QB Defense

Sending a CB Blitz is not an every-down defense to stop scrambling QBs, but it is a lockdown defense when needed.

What makes CB Blitzes difficult for scrambling QBs is that they can’t always see the pressure because usually their vision is directed toward the line of scrimmage and middle of the field. Often, at the snap of the ball the QB will see open running lanes outside and will immediately be sacked by our blitzing corners. Deception is the CB Blitz’s biggest strength. Do not call this defense for anything other than stopping opponents who scramble with their QBs.

1 Contain Your DEs

Madden 25 Stop Mobile QB's

Work on adjusting the contains for your linemen quickly, For extra coverage, hot route your MLB to a QB spy.

This is our number one tip for stopping scrambling QBs, because it can be called upon from any play and any formation in the game and will absolutely prevent your opponent from scrambling with the QB. This defense will get beaten by HB draws and will also struggle to get pressure on pocket QBs, but you will track down the QB!

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