Madden Forums - why do you visit?

Where did it all start? Back in the day, as older Madden vets like to say, there weren’t as many individual communities as we see in the current make up of Madden. To be honest with you, in the beginning, they weren’t even called forums; they were called discussion boards. People would scour the Internet to find any tip they could on how to be better in Madden, or to find other players who lived in their area to compete against.

Madden 12 Forums

As the end of discussion boards came  the birth of forums emerged there was one madden message board that every top notch madden player had to be a part of. The MWS (Madden World Syndicate) was the one place online where you could find the best of the best Madden players. This community is what spawned the Madden Challenge as they started the first organized tournament circuit using the Madden game series.

There were also three additional Madden Forums that started out around that time. Madden Mania, Madden Nation and VG Sports. The biggest forum during that time was Madden Mania also known as MM because of the online lobby rooms they had everyday in Madden. You could almost go as far as calling them the parents of the online leagues for the console games. It was a privilege to accepted in their community and able to compete in their lobby room. They required you to play one of their staff members before you were given a password that gave you access to their private lobby.

Those were the days. As we look back at the history of the Madden forums so we see that all of them have fallen by the wayside except for VG Sports/Maddentips. That brings us to a question of “Why do you visit forums?”

When talking about all of the history surrounding the different Madden forums, one thing is missed in this discussion the brotherhood. There used to be unique members for each forum. And the atmosphere on each forum was different, giving visitors an experience unique to that site name.

Currently there are multiple Madden forums on the net but the majority of them share the same posts as well as members. There is nothing wrong with that, because it broadens the community but it feels like we have lost the fraternity aspect of years past.

We can’t paint a broad picture as if there weren’t unique groups for each madden forum that exist. Our main group of unique ballers and posters are the Wolf Pack. You can identify them easily when in the forums just by looking at their avatar. They are diehard VG/Maddentips supporters and keep a friendly and inviting tone in their posts.

As the dynamic of all online forums adjust to the Facebook era we are proud to say that we have a solid and respected group of members on our forums. Our goal to keep “understanding football” first resonates throughout our Madden forums and shows that not only are we believers of this, but our members are also.

If you’re looking for a home where you can talk football and madden without being heckled or degraded make sure you join our Madden Forums. All we require is a love for the game. See you soon.


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