Madden Glitches - The history of big glitches in Madden franchise.

Since the beginning of the Madden franchise the term “Glitch” has become a buzzword in the online scene. A glitch in Madden can be defined as an action that cannot be countered or handled with normal controls. There a huge difference in a player that uses glitches to achieve a goal in Madden over a player that has great stick control that you can’t seem to stop. Since Madden glitches have been a subject for debate for as far back as we can recall, let’s take a look at some of the top glitches from years past.

Kickoff/Touchdown – This was a true glitch used in the inaugural Madden 2000 game on PS2. I was personally a victim of this stunt where a person could kick off the ball to the corner of the end zone, and if the ball bounced in front of the goal line and then out the side the kicking team would get a touchdown. There was nothing that the return team could do to stop this glitch from occurring.

Under Smoke/Fireman/Whip Man Nano – The birth of the online community brought with it the evolution of the blitz. A well-known player by the name “Lou Tillery” was the most dominant player online and in the underground tournament community because of his lighting fast defense. Back in 2002 a nano meant you would get sacked on running and passing plays. The pressure in this game was so intense that the Under Smoke could be used to block punts. Many quarterbacks never even had a chance to hand the ball to the running back before they were sacked.

Motion Glitch – Many of you may have heard of the Madden Challenge and Madden Nation Emcee Topp Taylor but we know him personally as Curly Topp. Topp was one of the first people we ever saw run a motion glitch. He would come out in I Form Big, send his receiver on a streak or drag, hike the ball behind the right guard and destroy your defense. The hike behind the right guard while in motion would force the man-to-man corners to blitz and leave the receiver uncovered in the open field. There was no way to get your defenders to stay in coverage instead of blitzing.

Studda Step – This was the best user control feature next to Strafe Catching. Madden Challenge Finalist Antoine “Pretty Boy” Williams made the studda step glitch famous with the Vikings. He used the Vikings and this running style to dominate dive happy defenders. All you needed to do was start out running to either side, tap the juke button once to the side you were running and watch it force the pursuing defenders to turn inside and let you run by. Players were racking up 700 yard rushing games with ease with the studda step glitch.

Pulling Routes – Many people loved this and considered it a great way to make their offense more unique, but it was a flat out glitch. This was a dominant feature in Madden 05 and 06 as players used this with formation shifting.

Madden Glitch - Madden 09 Rocket Catch

Madden 09 Rocket Catch

The list goes on and on for glitches in previous years of Madden. The biggest advantage to Next Gen consoles is the ability to come out with patches to help solve glitches before they take over the game. Developers work hard to correct ever problem area before the game is released, but a few always slip through. Now something can be done about it.

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  1. What can be done to get rid of players who use lagging to mess up the game?
    I’ve noticed more players being kicked for grieving due to the detection of the outright lags but there a plenty more out there that destroy the online game. If whatever means you use to detect lags has a sesitivity level to allow dial up players to play do you think it’s worth losing the majority of your online players to accomidate the few who do not have a fast enough connection (and probably get kicked anyway). These cheaters dont care if thier stats get wiped they just chalk it up to practice and start all over agian with a new alias.

  2. pulling routes was in the madden 06 strat guide by prima ( the only one ive ever purchased ) it was right there along side of explanations of cover 2 vs 2man under defenses

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