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Players of any competitive game like Madden 12 are always looking to improve their skills. We always want to have fun playing, but we hate to lose to anyone. For many years a serious player’s only way of improving their skills was to spend hours in front of the TV playing Madden. After thousands of snaps on the practice field, players would play a friend or jump online and play a game and find out that they still had tons of things to work on. Most then asked themselves “What should I do now”? Diving into forums and looking for answers could take days to find what you were looking for, so most people ran to their favorite game stores to purchase a printed Madden guide. For many years the only source of Madden knowledge was found in printed guides, but times have changed in many ways.

I can remember sitting down and drawing out my favorite Madden plays on paper, and trying to make-up schemes while in the middle of college classes.  When Prima started producing their Madden Guides, it changed the way I went about practicing Madden. I now read about new features and hot plays before I ever went on the practice field. I thought that getting ready for online games could never get better then this, but I was so wrong.  VG Sports came onto the Madden scene in 2001 and turned the Madden community upside down by breaking down offensive plays and blitzes for every team. There was no longer a need to drive down to the game store, I could download VG Sports guides onto my computer. This was the beginning of the Madden online guide world, and it would never be the same!

When the first Madden guide hit the scene, it was filled with page after page of text about every team and the players in the game. It’s hard to think back to a time were most people didn’t have laptops, and cell phones only made phone calls. When the first Virtual Playbook came out, dial up internet was still the norm for many.

As the years went on, VG Sports continued to change the way that people studied the game of Madden online. They introduced screenshots of every play they were breaking down; this was an amazing step in showing how the play looked on screen. VG Sports didn’t want to stop there, they were the first and still one of the only guides that included team playbooks. Now everyone could print out every play for every team in Madden, the years of drawing plays on a piece of paper was over.

Madden Guides

Part of our 09 Madden Guide collection

As technology continued to advance, VG Sports wanted to push the envelope by trying new things. We had seen the evolution from all text guides to guides filled with great pictures so there was only one step left to take…Video playbooks. With the introduction of Video Playbooks, VG Sports was able to capture gamers in a brand new way. Now gamers could see everything that went into setting a play up and running it, without missing a single step. They could rewind and watch a play over and over and be able to see how everything reacted to what the writers were talking about.

This year VG Sports is once again going to take another step forward in the way that gamers study the game of Madden. Never wanting to settle VG Sports teamed up with Prima Games to create the ultimate Madden NFL 12 Strategy Guides like you have never before seen. As the excitement continues to grow over the anticipation of Madden 12, VG Sports is ready to help you to the next level in gaming. Check out the official Madden NFL 12 Strategy Guides here!

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