Madden Hints and Tips

It has become commonplace for Madden enthusiasts all over the world to walk in, pick up Madden and also grab the official Madden Strategy guide. But what if we rewound the clock to a time when there were no strategy guides? How would everyone survive?

Well, not to long ago that’s exactly what players were faced with. In the infancy of Madden the only strategy guide was an insert that had all of the roster info and ratings for each team. We can remember back to a time when the actual roster/rating insert was thicker than the game instructions and almost as valuable as the game. You would see fanatics with their sheet laminated to protect it from getting torn or wet. All of the information that we could get our hands on was on that ratings insert.

Madden Hints - Michael Vick

Michael Vick - the original Madden "glitch"

Because there were no actual guides available to help fans learn how to play or enhance their skills in Madden savvy fans navigated the internet to find discussion boards where they could talk about and share thoughts on gameplay tactics. We would scour the Internet in a fashion much like we do today with Google. The secret was to type in the URL field “Codez or Cheatz.” Back then that was how you would find links to different discussion threads about video games. And then you would hope that there was a tip, hint or cheat for Madden, many times there weren’t.

And then evolution hit the Madden community. For years Prima was writing strategy guides for other games but not Madden. When they introduced their first guide (we believe 2000) they listened to the outcry from the discussion boards asking for the ratings charts to come back. Their guide was a general overview of the game of Madden, with the back of the guide dedicated to a listing of all the players in the game by position. This was an instant success and paved the way for where we are today with how madden hints are provided.

In 2001 VG Sports was born and launched what would be an eye opening strategy guide that both casual players and tournament players took notice of. The guide gave insight on indepth things in the game of Madden. One tip we provided back then was a way to throw a post route that would always get open because the referee would get in the way of the DB. It wasn’t considered cheese, it was the first time that there were actual down and dirty Madden hints being provided.

VG Sports started off providing content from three different perspectives Kobra, Lou Tillery and GametimePhilly vets Justin Cohen and PhillyRon. Lou provided his infamous nano set-ups, Kobra provided his detailed player descriptions and x’s and o’s insight while PhillyRon and Justin Cohen provided content from what was becoming the toughest Madden crew in the nation. By the end of that first season the foundation for VG had been set with content going forward from Kobra and PhillyRon for Madden and an additional writer MadBomber for NCAA football.

For years we have spotted potential talent and brought them in to provide quality content for our loyal fans. The birth of a hybrid offense was born on VG Sports. Big B’s Compression offense was a mix of the West Coast offense with a Bunch or Tight formation look that is still used in Madden circles everywhere.

As we enter the new social networking and motion controller stage of the game keep your helmets ready and your chinstrap tightened as we look to set the standard for Madden 12 hints once again.


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