Madden NFL 12 - features, screenshots and video

Any casual gamers out there who have ever been interested in getting into the Madden franchise, this is your year.  Madden NFL 12 is no doubt the best visually produced football simulation to date. With full 75 man rosters and graphics that will make you feel as if you are standing on the field yourself, Madden 12 is the game to look forward to this year. With the chaos surrounding the status of the upcoming NFL season the anticipation of Madden 12 continues to grow. With an August 30th launch date, many new features are all ready being released to the fans. Lets dive into some of the new features that have been added to Madden 12.

Madden 12 Cover

EA SPORTS came to the field this year with the intent to throw touchdowns with their new features. The main feature that everyone will love in Madden 12 will be the addition of Custom Playbooks. This feature has been requested heavily over the past few years and should have the greatest impact. Even with all the copy cat tendencies out their, Custom playbooks will allow you to select up to 400 offensive or defensive plays from 75 different formations. This feature gives every gamer the chance to have their own unique playbook that best suites the way they want to play Madden. The freedom and creativity that custom playbooks create is endless.

Another highly talked about new feature added to Madden 12 this year is a brand new collision system that will account for a player’s momentum when triggering 1 of over 100 new tackle animations. Many gamers see this as a great equalizer to the high-powered offenses in Madden. Each year the offense gets more animations and fine-tuning and now the defense is will be right there to stop them. EA SPORTS has tried to help the defense out in the past with the addition of gang tackling, but the new collision systems are going to be hard to break through. Another great feature that was added to help out the defense was the introduction of the Tackle Button.

This next feature that has received a lot of praise since it was announced: Dynamic Player Performance. Dynamic Player Performance adds the realism of individual player’s actual game performances. If you’re a fan of a specific team and their linebacker is on a streak of game changing performances in the NFL then his Dynamic Player Performance will reflect that. Just like if you are playing a game and are on a hot or cold streak the game will adjust your player’s performance to account for how he is actually playing. The addition of Dynamic Player Performance will test how every gamer plays every game. They will want to focus on players that are performing well, along with trying to help those that are struggling. This feature is sure to keep your attention all season long.

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