Madden NFL 13 Player Ratings Reveal Schedule

Today via the Madden NFL 13 Podcast EA SPORTS announced that starting next Monday player ratings will be revealed. Only there is a catch.

In years past Madden NFL ratings have been released team by team and division by division. This year ratings will be released via position starting with quarterbacks on Monday, halfbacks the following week, and then wide receivers. The ratings process will also be interactive, as fans will be able to vote on who they think should have the highest rating in specific categories.

A few things to note about this release method.

1. Will we get teams?
2. Will we get overalls?
3. How much can fans sway ratings?

One thing we know for sure is that it’s officially Madden NFL 13 season. Ratings come out over the weekend. I’m pumped. The Patriots hit training camp, I’m currently in Maine and heading to Vermont. All is good in the world and it’s only going to get better, as with each passing day we are closer to Maddenoliday.

What do Madden Tippers think about the new reveal schedule? Are you excited? Give us a comment below!

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