Madden NFL 13 Starter Specialized Offense eGuide - Purchase

Madden NFL 13 Starter Specialized Offense

The Starter Specialized Offense eGuide shows you the most popular and successful offensive plays in Madden NFL 13. It will help you master the plays and elevate your game to the next level. This eGuide releases on 10/16/12.


  • BEST PLAYS: Breakdowns of 15-20 of the best offensive plays currently being used in Madden NFL 13 so you can easily march down the field. It also highlights recommended teams, depth charts, and suggested audible sets.
  • GAME CHANGER:Authors ZFarls and SGibs are trusted contributors to the EA SPORTS Game Changer community program and are dedicated to helping you WIN in Madden NFL. They’ve spent months playing, analyzing, and breaking down Madden NFL 13 prior to its release. Let their expertise be your foundation.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Video breakdowns of each play, with voiceover and text from tournament champions ZFarls and SGibs, turn every play into a valuable lesson that is easy to understand and even easier to execute.

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