Madden NFL 13 Tournament Wild Card eGuide - Purchase

Madden NFL 13 Tournament Guide Wild Card Madden NFL 13 Tournament Guide Wild Card

The Tournament Wild Card eGuide breaks down the most popular and successful scheme currently being used in Madden NFL 13. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the hottest plays or schemes before anyone else and implement the techniques with the precision of a tournament-level player.

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    • USE WHAT WORKS: Breakdowns of the most popular and successful scheme being used in Madden NFL 13. It also highlights recommended teams, depth charts, and suggested audible sets.


    • GAME CHANGER: Authors ZFarls and SGibs are trusted contributors to the EA SPORTS Game Changer community program and are dedicated to helping you WIN in Madden NFL. Let their access to the game months before it’s release, and their extensive Madden NFL tournament experience be your gain.


  • EASY TO LEARN: Video breakdowns of each play, with voiceover and text from tournament champions ZFarls and SGibs, turn every play into a winning combination so you can dominate in the online arena.

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