Madden NFL 25 – Free Agent Running Backs!

Madden 25 Free Agent Ratings

With the NFL Draft approaching after the Combine, teams now have an idea of what type of talent is in this class and who will likely be available to them. Those who didn’t see that gem they need can still use free agency to fill a need or even grab a superstar. Which players would help a new team the most in Madden NFL 25?

Let’s start at the halfback position!

Madden has done a great job of differentiating the types of backs, from Darren Sproles to Frank Gore to LaMichael James. Each feels different, and not everyone can hang onto the ball out of the backfield on quick routes.

Honorable Mention
Trucking – Brandon Jacobs, Shonn Greene, Michael Turner, Cedric Benson

 5. Steven Jackson/Rashard Mendenhall

Age or injuries may make you skeptical about these backs, but I still think they can be solid but non-explosive players in Madden NFL 25. Mendenhall is a great trucking-style back and Jackson has a complete skill set, but overall they don’t have the wow factor in any category that I would like to see on my favorite team. (As a Giants fan, David Wilson is going to be my back, and neither of these guys leapfrogs him, but depending on your team, they could be an upgrade.)


4. LaRod Stephens-Howling (The Hyphen) 

After injuries to Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams, Stephens-Howling went from PR role to 3rd down to feature back. He was very impressive in this role and should earn a Sproles-style role with a team. While a guy like Felix Jones may be more athletically gifted, he is approaching his Madden decline IMO, and a new guy like Howling may be peaking.

3. Danny Woodhead

During the Patriots’ offensive explosion, Danny Woodhead did it all on offense. He would be overlooked by fans for the more powerful Ridley or the quicker Vereen, but nobody put it all together like Woodhead. His connection in the no-huddle game with Tom Brady was super valuable. If he can do this for a new team, such as Green Bay, they would quickly move towards the top of the Madden NFL 25 pack.

 2. Ahmad Bradshaw

Bradshaw is a 26-year-old back who has won two Super Bowls. He carried the team for a stretch last year, but that tends to break him down. Pairing Bradshaw with another true power back would allow him to do everything else except be the battering ram, and his career would continue well. He can play every down, but he just doesn’t need more than 15 carries until he proves his feet can hold up.

1. Reggie Bush 

Reggie Bush Team Madden 25

Bush has always been a solid player in Madden, although he never quite reached the ceiling of his rookie hype. He did lead all backs in catches that season, however, and can be a real threat if used properly by the right team. He proved he could take on more of a full role between the tackles to add to his arsenal, and he might be a good option for the right team. I don’t feel a desperate team will overpay him and try to turn him into an everything back. A team like Green Bay would excel with him as they would finally have a great back that fits their scheme and can be heavily used outside the backfield.

Who would you like to see in your team’s Madden NFL 25 backfield? 

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