Madden NFL 25 - Offense/Defense Playbook

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Offense/Defense Playbook

Full Offensive and Defensive Scheme Breakdowns

The playbooks include recommended teams, a complete audible setup, multiple ways to stuff your opponents’ run game and so much more!

Offensive Plays:
- 3-Headed Rushing Attack
- Man Beaters and Zone Beaters
- Light Up the Scoreboard in the Red Zone
- Secret Depth Chart Changes
- Amazing Offensive “Money Plays”

Defensive Plays:
- Bone Crushing Blitzes
- Blanket Max Coverage
- Lock Down 4th Down Coverage
- No-Huddle Defense
- Brick Wall Run Defense
- How to Stop “Unstoppable” Plays
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Shatter Coverage Defense

Our team has spent hundreds of hours experimenting with the best possible way to destroy coverage defense. With just one small adjustment, you will never struggle against an opponent who drops their defenders into all out zone coverage ever again!

Shatter Cover Defense

The Perfect Playbook

A full crash course on how to beat any defense in the game by using simple hot routes at the line of scrimmage! Be ready to score no matter what play your opponent calls!

The Perfect Playbook

Bonus Content

Bonus Content!

Learn how to crush the most popular defense in the game with a formation that is in EVERY PLAYBOOK in Madden NFL 25!


4-4 Is Back!

With all the brand new Option Runs this season, you need a counter on defense. The 4-4 is back and better than ever! Our Lockdown Run D will have you stopping the option before it dominates Madden NFL 25!

4 x 4 is back

No Adjustment Needed

No Adjustments Needed

Why waste time hot routing defenders? We will share our secret plays that don’t require you to mess with complicated setups before the snap and still bring heat.

Maximize Your Talent

Learn how to set up 3 recommended team depth charts including a sleeper squad to surprise your opponents. Learn what ratings maximize this scheme effectiveness!

Maximize Your Talent

Winners Kit Cover

Winning Should Be Easy.

Get the Offensive/Defensive Playbook and start winning today!

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