Madden NFL 25 Playbooks: All 32 Teams, Every Play!

Start training for Madden NFL 25 today with and our free playbooks for every team! Check out every play in the game this year including some of our new favorite books!
Click Here to View Every Team’s Plays in Madden NFL 25

Top 5 Updated Playbooks for Madden NFL 25!

5. San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers have some great new plays to take advantage of QB Colin Kaepernick and his running style. Make sure to view their Pistol Full House TE, which will take advantage of Vernon Davis’s speed!

49ers Pistol Madden 25

4. Seattle Seahawks
Seattle has gotten an updated scheme to maximize the talent of QB Russell Wilson. One formation to try out is the Pistol Jumbo Z, which will allow you to give the ball to power runner Marshawn Lynch or keep it with Wilson!

3. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs pick up from Andy Reid’s Philly playbook, which includes solid formations like Shotgun Bunch Quads. This playbook will have plenty of plays for QB Alex Smith to utilize with his solid short-passing skill.

2. Philadelphia Eagles
Chip Kelly is here with a brand-new Shotgun Spread offensive scheme for Madden NFL 25, with plenty of great running formations and plays. This book has the best types of options all over the playbook, especially with threats LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick!

Chip Kelly Madden 25

1. Washington Redskins
Washington has plenty of brand-new Pistol formations to reflect RGIII’s offensive style! Make sure to check out the Weak Twins Flex formation!

For more in-depth information on your favorite team, pre-order the Madden NFL 25 Official Players Guide, which includes a situational play call sheet for every team, so you always have the right play!

Also make sure to check out our eGuides, which include breakdowns of the Pistol and Vikings playbooks! 

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