Madden Playbooks

What is the most anticipated aspect of the Madden offseason? What free agents made it to your favorite team? No. How about, what’s the key new feature? That’s not it either. The most anticipated aspect of Madden each year is the playbooks.

That’s right, Playbooks. The Madden community understands that it doesn’t matter how good everything looks, what new features are included or who appears on what team. Everyone must first pick a playbook in order to start his or her journey to Madden success.

Over the years EA Sports has done a great job of making Madden playbooks more in depth. We have been given the opportunity to create our own playbooks with custom formations as well as given NFL network training through a former feature named NFL Training Camp.

Madden Playbook - Marshall Faulk

Marshall Faulk is in Madden 12 - but will the Madden 03 motion offense be back?

The NFL Training Camp feature was an attempt by EA Sports to bridge the knowledge gap of the casual football fan that plays Madden to understanding some of the technical aspects of each play call. This led to the addition of Game Flow. Even though EA says Game Flow is an answer to speeding the game experience up, it subconsciously teaches the user how to call a game plan and make efficient use of their Madden Playbook.

With all these tools added to the game of Madden through out the years, it shows that as EA broadened the playbooks, they also made an effort in making sure people could execute the plays in the playbook.

In Madden 12 EA Sports is bringing back the custom playbook feature and with that the anticipation of seeing what’s in each team playbook is at an all time high. All styles of players will be able to benefit from this feature, as it will make the game of Madden more unique to each individual. Even knowing that there will be money plays throughout the game, there is still a good chance that many users will not run into the same exact offense as their own.

Madden playbooks have always been driven by uniqueness. We know that there are fads in every version of Madden. In Madden 08 it seemed like the entire country was using the Atlanta playbook or the Patriots playbook. Even when one or two playbooks are being heavily used there are still playbooks that let user’s separate themselves from the crowd.

From what we have seen thus far with the user control in the many E3 Madden 12 videos, we can tell that this version of Madden could make the user skilled player and unique madden playbook user a serious threat. Imagine having the Singleback 3TE formation from Madden 08 in the same playbook with the Singleback Tight of Madden 11. When you start to think of all the different playbook combinations that Madden 12 will give us this is shaping up to be an epic year.

Instead of talking about what our favorite Madden playbook formations from previous version are, we would love to get your feedback. We have always had balanced playbooks whether it was Kobra’s Pass Balanced, PhillyRon’s Rams Playbook or Big B’s Compression. We love having a variety of offensive styles at our disposal.

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