Madden Strategies - Cheat, Glitch or Real Football

How do you look at Madden? When you sit down in front of the game for the first time, are you looking at it to find the latest gimmicks or are you testing real football offensive and defensive schemes?

Over the years we have always provided Madden football strategies instead of chasing after the latest glitch or gimmick. This has helped us remain the leader in this industry. While others focus on gimmicks we like to focus on ways to make your gaming experience better and build a solid foundation you can use year in and year out.

The good thing about focusing on strategies instead of gimmicks is that we can still show you the gimmicks but also how to handle and contain them.  Being prepared means leaving no stone unturned. You can’t provide great Madden strategies and avoid dealing with gimmicks. We just don’t make that the primary thing we look for when sitting down to breakdown Madden 12.

What is the difference between a Madden Strategy and a Madden Cheat or Glitch?

There needs to separation of the two in the Madden community. Every madden tip, madden strategy or madden cheat has been viewed in a negative manner by the sim community and even EA Sports at times. The problem with that is that they are not the same at all.

Let’s first look at what is considered a Madden cheat. A cheat or gimmick is something that is used to exploit the game. This can be something as small as swapping in personnel out of position in order to create an unfair mismatch. Or it could be as flagrant as quick audibling and formation flipping in order to create a broken run or pass play. These little gimmicks, published on the Internet as tips or strategies have blurred the line of what is a strategy and what is a cheat. These are cheats and need to be called what they are.

Madden Strategies vs. Madden Glitches

Put your time into Madden practice mode if you want to improve

On the other hand a Madden strategy is plan designed to get you to a desired place, much like the definition of strategy. Nowhere is there a mention of shortcuts or cheats. You can’t have a plan and fast-forward to the end result. Our Madden strategies use real football tactics or schemes in order to build your knowledge of football so that you can be successful no matter what version of Madden you pick up.

For example, the passing game has taken over real NFL football as well as Madden football. One of the easiest route combinations that beats both zone and man coverage is 2 vertical routes with a in or out route being run directly beside it. This is something that is used in all levels of football that also translates to Madden.

We would list this as a Madden strategy as it uses real football tactics in order to get a desired result. Run the coverage off to get spacing for the In or Out route. If you were to look up Madden strategy and find both examples listed, which one would you consider a Madden Strategy or a Madden Cheat? If you can tell the difference then you can see how we are unique in what we do and have always put your development as a Madden player in the forefront.

0 thoughts on “Madden Strategies - Cheat, Glitch or Real Football

  1. Because the line between LEGIT STRATEGY and CHEAT or GLITCH can be so controversal – I have made the decision to play exclusively in LEAGUE play where we can specifically define what is acceptable and what is not through our rules….

    Our rules specifically outline what is considered ok – for example playing a WR as a TE is against our rules or manually moving more then 1 player that rush passer before the snap is illegal… – You may see these tactics as legit strategy – and that is ok – but you wont fit in with our community – so probably better you play elsewhere…

    Bottomline – we dont have a problem with anyone who doesnt like playing under our rules (we can have differences in opinion…) – you can play in a different league – and i will play other members of our community who view the STRATEGY and CHEATING in the same light… It doesnt make me right or wrong – i just have a difference of opinion when guys disagree with our rules… – And ultimately this system allows the guys who enjoy our rules to play the game the way they like – and those who dont can play elsewhere!

  2. I like what you doing b/c i never get a game on-line where I don’t feel like somebody is cheating. I feel like if you found this 1 defense that can do everything including putting pressure on the QB you have found a glitch in the game. The glitch I love the best is when your computer man moves out of the way to make sure that he can’t make a play on the offense of player. I really don’t understand why the crap is even available for people to use.

    • man hit me up and show me ow 2 do that every one i play does that crap to me i win most of the games but show me how to enen the playing fields and they also get wide open recivers by making my guy turn around whats up with that

  3. In madden 13 Terrel Davis is unstoppable running a streak route against almost every defense I have tried? Any help I desperately want to beat my friend who plays with the 49ers exclusivly. I am a Raider fan but I know I don’t have a chance against the 49ers but perhaps the Eagles? Bears? patriots? Any advice is appreciated, Thank you. Oh yeah I’m a neophyte that has trouble hot routeing defensive players fast enough?

  4. If that’s the case why does EA refuse to bring back the SIM Only Room? It kept cheaters out, I believe alot of sim players have left online play, Straight Sim players are bought as hard to find as a white lion!

    • Learn to spell, as I think you meant ‘are about as hard to find as a white lion’, because weirdly enough I don’t think Sim players sell themselves, hence; you can’t buy them (even if u use the past tense “bought”) lmao. In all seriousness though I think you should put down the controller and go back to school

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