Madden Strategy – A Method of Attack for Madden 12

How do you become better at Madden? How do you become better at anything? In order to expect success in anything you do there must be a plan. There is no way a person can truly expect to achieve success without a method of attack. Yet in most Madden communities many of the “so called” top players believe they can just pick up the sticks and be successful.

Madden has slowly started to tilt the scale so that user control skills can’t outright beat football smarts. This change hasn’t been received well by the current tournament community, who likes to say, “EA is dumbing the game down”. Whereas, the true statement is EA is balancing the scale so that a person with a good football IQ doesn’t get punished for playing a good game by a player that runs a handful of plays and makes questionable football decisions.

Madden Strategy

Having good "stick" still helps!

If you can see this change in gameplay, it makes sense to start to warm up to Madden football strategies as a whole. We need to look at preparation for the game of Madden just like other areas in life. I’m sure many of you go to school or work on a daily basis. A part of being successful in the workforce is to keep your skills sharpened with training classes, seminars, webinars and whatever else is available to you. And if you’re one of our unemployed brethren, we know you are hard at work making yourself appealing to employees so that when your time comes, your ready.

Even though Madden isn’t as important as our everyday personal lives, you still need to have a strategy for success in anything you do. As a means to enjoyment we want to make sure when we turn our console on we are prepared to deal with anything.

Madden 12 Strategy Tips

There are little things that you can do to start towards to goal of success and overall enjoyment in Madden. Your Madden strategy for the first 5 days the game comes out should be to get a feel for the game. That doesn’t mean put the disc in and immediately hop online. Too many people do that and rack up losses while trying to learn the game. I’ve seen first hand how a Madden Challenge National Champion prepares to play his first game of Madden.

Eugene “Big Gene” Williams, the 2005 Madden Challenge National Champion, begins by taking the game apart play by play. He will actually run each play in the game to see how it works. I’ve called him in the morning when he starts and came back in from a long day at the office and he is still testing plays. It takes an enormous amount of focus and determination to work through his process and not give in and head online.

Once he has made all of his physical and mental notes concerning the game he then jumps online…no no no just kidding. He then takes his list of plays and sees what playbooks have the most checked plays before labbing with his crew. It’s not easy being the best, and many people don’t understand the amount of effort the “real” elite players put into game preparation. The benefit that you, the Madden fan has, is we put the countless hours in to develop a solid Madden Strategy for you so that you can take it and apply it to your game and enhance your Madden experience.

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