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Get an Edge

It takes years of training to develop the stick skills and football know-how to compete at a high level in Madden NFL. Every season Madden NFL players put in hundreds of thousands of hours working on their game. In fact, more hours are spent labbing than are actually spent competing in tournaments. Everyone wants the edge.

We have it.

Our tournament-proven authors, Zach “ZFarls” Farley and Stephen “Sgibs” Gibbons, have put in those hours; they’ve dominated in MLG and EA SPORTS sanctioned tournaments, and have spent years building a scary foundation of Madden NFL knowledge. Not only have they put in hours perfecting their game but, as EA SPORTS Game Changers, they’ve influenced the game you’re about to play. If you’re looking to learn from the best, look no further.

Like we said earlier, we have the edge. And now so do you.

Players, Coaches, Competitors…Game Changers

Combined career highlights

• EA SPORTS Official Game Changers
• 35 years of combined Madden NFL experience
• Creators and hosts of “This Week in Madden”
• Creators and hosts of “Madden NFL Daily”
• Authored more than 15 Madden NFL Prima Games Official strategy products

• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Competitors

• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Final 8 – Boston
• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Playoff Competitor – New York City, New Jersey
• Online Madden Challenge Finalist – Top 100 Ranked


• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Final 8 – Boston, Washington D.C.
• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Playoff Competitor – Philadelphia
• Walmart Champion
• GameStop Regional Champion – Top 100 Ranked


• EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Playoffs Competitor Boston – Baltimore, New Jersey, New York City
• Online Madden Challenge Finalist
• GameStop Regional Champion – Top 100 Ranked

• MLG EA SPORTS Madden Challenge $100,000 Final 16 – Orlando
• Players Bowl Playoffs – GameStop Regional Champion – Top 100 Ranked

• New Egg Madden Challenge Final 4
• Players Bowl Competitor – Top 100 Ranked
• GameStop Regional Champion – Top 100 Ranked

• Virgin Gaming EA SPORTS Madden Challenge $140,000 NYC Final 64
• Virgin Gaming Online EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Final 32 (PS3)
• Virgin Gaming Online EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Final 32 (360)
• GameStop Regional Champion – Top 100 Ranked

 Influencing the Madden community

ZFarls and SGibs have become revered voices for the Madden NFL and NCAA Football communities. For that reason, Justin Dewiel of EA SPORTS handpicked them to lead the development in the next stage of Madden NFL strategy. As EA SPORTS Game Changers, both authors have worked closely with EA SPORTS to affect gameplay mechanics, quality assurance, development, and marketing to improve the Madden NFL experience.

Their contributions to Madden NFL go far beyond X’s and O’s. They also:

• Assist EA Tiburon studios in EA SPORTS Community Day events, where they generate new ideas and provide feedback to the EA SPORTS development team.

• Assist EA SPORTS at E3 to showcase NCAA Football 13 and Madden NFL 13 at the EA SPORTS booth, where they host hundreds of E3 attendees for private sessions with both games.

• Host a daily video show called “Madden NFL Daily,” where they break down their now-famous “5 Sets for Success” and talk about the hottest Madden NFL trends.

• Host “This Week in Madden” (TWIM), a live web show where gamers can call in and get their questions answered on the show.

• Regularly take on top members in the Madden NFL community during “The Game of the Week,” a Madden NFL throw-down that follows TWIM every week.

What the Madden Team Says…

“The Madden NFL development team worked closely with authors ZFarls and SGibs to create the Official Player’s Guide. Their participation in numerous Madden NFL 13 community events has been very beneficial to the overall quality of the game, making them the most knowledgeable authors on the market. Pick up this guide and take advantage of the “5 Sets for Success” right away. You won’t regret it!”

—Justin Dewiel, EA SPORTS – Senior Community Manager

“Along with the authenticity you’ve come to expect from the Madden NFL series, Madden NFL 13 hits the field with physics you can feel! The new Infinity Engine ensures that no two tackles will be the same. We’ve also added more user-control with features such as Total Control Passing, new User-Catching, and breakout of Play Action. All of these new features give you control like you’ve never had before, so be sure to utilize the Madden NFL 13 Player’s Guide to take your game to the next level. ZFarls and SGibs work very closely with us in writing the guide, and nobody knows Madden NFL better than them.”

—Clint Oldenburg, Gameplay Designer

“This year’s Madden NFL will have a host of gameplay features and in depth modes, including the brand new Infinity physics Engine and Total Control Passing. These features will completely change the look and feel of your on-field experience. ZFarls and SGibs have worked with us throughout the development of Madden NFL 13 to create fantastic new strategies and game plans that work well with our various gameplay improvements. This Player’s Guide will help you learn these strategies quickly and easily and step up your game. Good luck and enjoy!”

—Victor Lugo, Technical Designer

“Madden NFL 13 is the game you have always wanted to own. Ever wanted to know how it feels to be a QB in the NFL? With the new passing game implemented in Madden NFL 13, you will get that feeling. Working with ZFarls and SGibs on the Player’s Guide has helped us develop the true Madden NFL experience for all users alike. Even if you have never played the game before you will feel as if you’re part of the experience. The Player’s Guide will be a valuable part of any player, new or old, becoming the greatest Madden NFL 13 player in the world.”

—Eric Griswold, QA Senior Lead

“Madden NFL 13 is all about authenticity. With the NFL turning into a pass-first league, we totally revamped the passing game with a new Total Control Passing mechanic, added over 430 new catch animations, and implemented a new timing system where receivers will only look to catch the ball when they would be expecting it in real life. As for the defensive side of the ball, we implemented a new Read & React Defensive AI system where defenders can only make a play on the ball if they actually see it coming their way. We also added a new Defensive Alignment system based on real NFL rule sets as well as given the user a new ability to disguise their coverages. All of these improvements add up to the most gameplay changes in this console generation.

Over the past few years ZFarls and SGibs have become valuable resources to our Madden NFL development team. Their knowledge of the game is second to none and their passion to help make Madden NFL 13 the best version to date is unmatched. Let them help you become a better Madden NFL player by using their tips and strategies. Do that, and you may find yourself atop the leaderboards…”

—Larry Richart, Gameplay Designer

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  1. Really like your winners guides but wonder why the offense and defense use two different teams.I would love to have either depth charts for offense and defense for 49ers or saints to really be able to take advantage of my bundle

  2. Wats good man i have some issues i just learned how to throw the deep ball i taught myself afteer throwing like 5 picks per game i play on xbox. Yesterday i played this guy he had the cowboys i play with the colts he picked me off 10 times. His defense was always under my receivers in zone aand maan. How can i get my corners and safties to do that without controlling them or does it have to do with the skill points? I ony pllay ranked games i practice alot my re cod is 45u 83