Madden NFL Training Camp Tips

Learning Madden NFL 13 Tips and Tricks before the game comes out means you will be ready to dominate at launch. Here are some lessons in Madden to get your game ready for Maddenoliday!

Pre Game 101:

Offense 101:

Defense 101

Special Teams 101

Madden NFL Glossary

0 thoughts on “Madden NFL Training Camp Tips

  1. Hey guys can anyone tell me the best way to understand NFL. As i come from Australia and NFL isent the national sport down here. Love the sport but dont understand the rules ie… types of courege/blitz etc…. If i purchase Madden 13 playbook is that a start. Never played on line for that reason only franchise mode. Any suggestions please. Thanks

    • Your best bet to understand football is to actually watch a few games of real football (nfl preferably). That will get you familiarized with the general flow of the game and very basic rules and strategy. At that point if you like watching it I recommend continuing, its fun to watch and you will get better acquainted with the sport. That should be more than enough to get you playing the game for the most part, no you won’t be an expert at the game but you will understand the basics and that’s really all you need to play this game on an easy level.

      • Also – if by “playbook” you mean the guide this site offers it probably couldn’t hurt. If you mean a set of books that contain the types of plays each team runs, I wouldn’t recommend that, it will be confusing more than anything unless you really start getting into football.

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