Madden Training Camp – 3-Headed Rushing Attack 101

To consistently win more games in Madden NFL 13, you need to be on the positive side of the turnover differential. If you aren’t a dominant passer, you will likely throw a few interceptions, which can really hurt your chances to win. The passing game is best after you have established a dominant ground game. The keys to a dominant run game are the ability to run the ball to the left, middle, and right from one formation. This is our “3-Headed Rushing Attack,” and it’s the key to getting better fast.

Madden 13 Running Tips

Start by choosing a power run formation. A few great examples are:
I-Form Tight
Strong I Close
Strong I Pro
I-Form Tackle Over
Singleback Ace

Place your run left as your first audible. We like plays like counters and blasts that attack the left side of the field.

For your second audible, choose a run right. This can be a Power O or HB Toss run that heads to the right side of the field.

Since your run down will almost always be some type of quick run up the middle, like a dive, you don’t need to set it as an audible. Just be ready to use the quick audible system to get to the run (right stick down).

Now, read how the defense is positioned and calmly make an audible to a new run play. If the defense is over-playing you a certain way, change to another run direction. You can also use the right stick to flip the run to the other side, but the defense can recognize this by how your QB reacts!
This attack will force your opponents to play a balanced defense that requires them to make good user plays. If you can establish the ground game and force your opponents to prove they can stop the run, you are doing a good job. This will keep your passes hidden until later in the game. Focus on finding good formations that have a nice run up the middle as the quick audible and a run to each side. This will instantly improve the consistency of your run game and also will help you get some confidence in learning when to audible!

What is your favorite running play in the game? I like the HB Lead Draw from Strong Pro!

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  1. When will the Madden starter bundle eguide unlock? I get this message that it will unlock Aug 28. then I get it will unlock at a later date.

  2. When you say run down is a run up the middle like a dive. Right stick down is on the quick audible system. Is this for X-box or PS3? What is the procedure for X-Box?

  3. I need more tips on the user caatch i praactice it also and defense im like a sitting duck.i can only direct it when it comes to user deffense i only try to tackle i can user pick the ball off sometime. I really need help

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