Madden Training Camp – Choosing the Best Team

Each year there are a handful of teams that rise to the top. Use one of these teams to give yourself the best chance at winning. You could choose a team with lower ratings and try to prove a point, but why do that? Why use a team that gives you less of a chance at victory? What are you trying to prove?

To choose the best team for you, start by thinking about your game plan.

Consider all of the following when picking a team that is right for you and for your game plan:

  • What style are you going to play?
  • Do you want to pound the ball and play conservatively (49ers, Bengals), or are you going to get into shootouts and outscore your opponent (Saints)?
  • Do you love utilizing TEs and making throws over the middle (Patriots), or would you rather have a dominating defensive line that can get you a big sack at a crucial time (Giants)?
  • Do you like a mobile QB? Would you rather have him be fast (Eagles, Redskins) or more of a power runner (Panthers, Jets)?

Or do you simply want the hands-down best team in the game right now (Green Bay)? After all, the biggest weapon in Madden NFL 13 is a great QB, and no other team can do what Aaron Rodgers does for Green Bay. He is the most balanced QB in terms of Speed and Deep Accuracy. Green Bay’s offense has tons of playmakers, like Clay Matthews on the other side of the ball. The Packers also have a solid secondary that can catch well!

There is no doubt that choosing the right team will lead to wins in Madden NFL 13!

Do you want to win or do you want to prove something?

I don’t know about you but I want to win and I will always use the team that gives me the best chance at winning. Every year people search for that team that flies under the radar just to be “different,” and each year those same people eventually come back to one of the top-tier teams. It is foolish to consider using any team outside of the elite when you are playing to win!

If you’re going to play to prove something, prove you can win.


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0 thoughts on “Madden Training Camp – Choosing the Best Team

  1. wow i guess that clears it up for me as well….i always play to win but i was always picking the team i like and route for…..maybe it was a mental block or me feeling disloyal…but now for some reason after reading this i dont and wont feel so bad looking for a new team to use this year…….

  2. Green Bay is well balanced, however in previous years they struggled running the ball. Now, we will wait to see if Cedric Benson will be an asset to GreenBay’s running scheme.

  3. Lots of people won’t play against me if I select GB as my team What are your other top 5 teams that have a good offense and defense? Also, what are some good sleeper teams. n the past I’ve used Wash & Cincy.

  4. wats up guys, im having alot of trouble finding a team that i love to play with and will help me win. I pass the ball much more than i run it but i also want a pretty solid defense. any suggestions?

  5. What’s up Guys I like to play with GB what would you Guys say is the best Playbook to use with them or with anyone for that matter? I used ATL’s Playbook last season.

  6. I would like to use the eagle but I would like to know the best offensive and deffensive plays to lockdown offenses and to score consistently on offense

  7. Are ravens worth using? Im putting alot of time trying to memorize everything in the playbook. Am i wasting my time. Does joe flaco just suck? I only moved to level 5 last year. I work so im not a 10hr a day guy playing games. My goal is to reach level 7 or 8. I felt i was competetive but just missing an x factor on offense (user control) and defense, abetter philosphy. Blew alot of coverages. I like the user control this year but are the ravens a team to contend with?

  8. I’ve been using the Titans ever since I started playing Madden for money (3 years ago) simply because I’m an insane fan of them. I’ve seen that you can be successful just by knowing your team well and practicing with them to put the right players in the right positions. Locker is definitely a well kept secret. On vg money games this year I’m like 100-35. So my tip is if you want to use your favorite team and be competitive… Practice practice practice lol.. and btw I’m looking to start traveling to tourneys.. might actually realize how hard it would be to win with the Titans in live competition.. guess we will see

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