Madden Training Camp – Hit Stick 101

Laying a mean hit stick in Madden NFL 2005 and forcing a fumble was one of the best feelings of all time. Thanks to the new infinity engine in Madden NFL 13, the hit stick is back, but you do need to think of a few factors when unleashing it on your opponent.

Here are some things to keep in mind when going for hit sticks:
Do I have proper backup in case I whiff on the tackle?
Does my player have a rating at least in the 80s in the Hit Power category (POW)?
Should I go higher (flick the right stick up) or go for the legs (flick the right stick down)?
Is it a point in the game when I need to force a turnover?
Is my opponent using a player with a lower Carry rating?
Do I have a momentum advantage – am I moving downhill towards the ball carrier?
Do I have a weight advantage?

All of these things are key to consider when you are about to lay a hit stick. I personally get sloppy on kick returns and often will let a big play up. For me, I can try a hit stick with my first tackler downfield, but after that I need to take smart angles. I feel the hit stick will be more effective than going for strips this season.

Who is your favorite player to use the hit stick with? Leave it in the comments!

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