Madden Training Camp: How to Intercept Passes – Ballhawk 101

Ballhawk in Madden NFL 13 means that any time you hold Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS3) your defender will try to make the best play possible on the ball.

BallHawk Madden 13 TipsIn Madden NFL 12, holding Y would just let you make a catch, and you still had to get into position with the left stick. Now the game will help you get to the spot of the ball as well, very similar to the defensive assist that you get by holding A (Xbox) or X (PS3).

Last year, the best way to intercept the ball was to strafe and get to the front of the catch circle as seen in our video on the EA SPORTS blog.

This season, you want to be trailing the WR; using ballhawk, you will leap up and snag the ball. Interceptions will be more prevalent than they were last season, and ballhawk should make it easier for newer players to pick passes and go to the house!

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0 thoughts on “Madden Training Camp: How to Intercept Passes – Ballhawk 101

  1. i didnt kno this…..but that takes away from the guys who have been doing this for years….for years we struggled on getting the stick work down and now its all in vain…..not cool….u now can get beat buy a bum and they will think they did it but they were assisted……

    • My stick skills are average to below average at best. However, I agree 100% with what E-BLOXX said. If you worked hard to get good user skills, why should that be taken away from you in M13.

    • well put , i am a guy who spent 100′s of hrs getting my user catches perfect , and now it seems like i just wasted my time , ncaa13 is even worse as far as controlling ur players, i like to have total control over my player i dont want the cpu assisting my “user” catches

  2. but i gotta respect ea , They wanna make money , so why not bring the people who wasnt doing that good back to madden , everything up there is bout love of the game and MONEY . and im def not the best

  3. Forget about the Ball Hawk, wht I want to know is why is it that some Defenders seem to break into my receiver’s route before my Receiver even makes his cut? What’s worse, I’ll have a 95-98 speed Receiver on a lsant route and an 89 speed DB will be 2 steps ahead of my receiver across the whole field.

    What’s up with this Farls or Gibs?

  4. How can I get a job with EASPORTS madden support team. I think I could really help make madden the best ever made. Right now it is ok,but it has a lot of problems , that needs to be solved. If you would like to continue making madden ,and every year it has about 6-7 problems ,and you only fix about 2 , I guess that is a way for EA to keep making money, because people will keep buying for the name , not the game, and that really and truly sucks. So once again if you won’t a great game contact me .

  5. Haha, this game is geared towards the people who suck. Never even thought of using this, but 30 picks 1 season.

    #MichealHuff #CurtisBrothers* #UnstoppablePatriotsOffense #Madden13 #Beastmode

    *If you come across a draft in connected careers (as a coach) and you see the names Jamari Curtis and Khris Curtis draft them, they got me 14 picks together, they were projected to go in the 4th and 6th rounds in my career. Also a QB named Kody Arisa* is a beast 82 overall and is projected to go in 6th, greatest draft steal ever. PS on my 3rd season have gone threw drafts and gotten 3 Rookies of the year on my teams.

    *it think thats how to spell his last name, not sure

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