Madden Training Camp Tips - How To Punt!

Punting in Madden NFL 13 can often be the difference between winning and losing! Last season, we were able to sneak the punt past the returner, but this year EA SPORTS did a good job making the returner catch the ball on the bounce.

Madden 13 Punt Tips

So, what is the most effective way to punt this season? We still have a method! Make sure to always lower the arrow with the right stick and aim it to the sideline. You want more power than we recommended last season! Here is a video tip to show you what to do.

Check out more Madden NFL 13 Tips including special teams in the Madden 13 Training Camp!

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0 thoughts on “Madden Training Camp Tips - How To Punt!

  1. wrong video unless you are trying to say i have to buy a guide to receive the punt tip… lol.. i think you bookmarked the wrong section of the video

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