Madden Training Camp Tips – Setting Your Depth Chart!

Setting your depth chart in Madden NFL 13 is one of the simplest ways to get better fast. In fact, it is so second nature to me now, I don’t even consider this a “tip.” If you don’t automatically set your depth chart, start doing it now. It’s one of the easiest, fastest ways to improve your game. Here are some keys to getting the most out of your lineup.

Press X or Square to go into “My Madden” and select Manage NFL Rosters – Order Depth Chart.

From there, scroll to your favorite team and get started.


QB Position:

With QBs, we generally look for a high Overall rating, but we give a nod to Deep Throw Accuracy or Speed ratings if it’s a close match. One example is Jake Locker of the Titans; we start him over Matt Hasselbeck since he is a better athlete who can get us out of trouble with his legs (Speed).

HB Position:

HBs usually fit into two categories, power or finesse. If we see a high Trucking rating, we know we have a power back who can run between the tackles. If we see a high Elusive rating, we want to get our player out into space. Most teams have both types, so think of what kind of offense you want to run before choosing!

WR Position:

WRs are usually short and fast, or tall and slower – not slow, just slower than smaller receivers. We identify the smaller, quicker players by their Agility and Acceleration ratings. We will use these players in the slot WR position rather than the outside. Our bigger targets should have good height and a good Catch in Traffic rating. These players can go up over the middle and fight for balls. Look at how your favorite formations line up in practice mode, and find a lineup that maximizes their strengths!

TE Position:

We like big, strong targets at TE who will hang onto passes over the middle with a good Catch In Traffic rating. Speed is a bonus, but it doesn’t do much good if they can’t hang onto the ball in big spots. If we have a TE rated 90 or above and a decent backup (70 or above) we may consider moving the TE to WR #2 on the depth chart to give us another weapon.


Defensively, we always try to get our 11 best athletes on the field. No matter what formation we use in our base defense, we want to make sure our chart is set up to use it.

If you run a dime defense, your OLBs will be on the bench for most of the game. If they are speedy and can rush the passer, move them to DE. You can then move your DEs to DT if you are playing someone who isn’t committed to the run game.

At MLB, place your best overall LB on the field, as he will get the most snaps.

By using our top six secondary players overall (CBs or safeties) we can be sure to match up with the high-powered passing offenses in the NFL.

If we ever have a question on which player to start, we almost always choose to go with Speed. Test out your players during practice to make sure they can make average plays, but otherwise go with the slower players with higher Overall ratings.

There you have it. By setting your depth chart and looking for high-rated categories for certain players, you can really maximize your team! Don’t forget to save when exiting the menu, and always look to tinker with your lineups until you find one you love!

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0 thoughts on “Madden Training Camp Tips – Setting Your Depth Chart!

  1. Any tips on how to set up the cowboys D? Should I put Ware as a inside LB or keep him outside if I play 3-4. Thanks

  2. i brought the winners kit last year but should i this year i all ready have the prima guide for this year are your eguides giving out more than whats in the guide

    • each year the same concepts we teach carry over (5 sets for success)

      however there are specific parts to each new game that are broken down more int he guides (the new hot blitzes, the best unbumpable routes, etc)

      def worth it IMO

    • Multiple is a great book (i use it, but with concepts from tourney D, similar form)
      Saints D is mediocre, but moving the fast LBs to DE is a start.

  3. I play with the Baltimore. And i love Tory Smith, Streeter and rookie wr Thompson. Do you recommend putting my 2 rookies in the slot?

  4. i bought the tournament winner’s kit, when will the other information be unlocked, also will there be little mini schemes like there where last year

  5. HEY GIBS Or Farls I was playing online and my defense was giving up lots of open passes to the deep sideline what should I do. I use Cowboys and any updates on Cowboys Depth Chart on both sides of the ball

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