Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Tips!

On TWIM 78, we called in our MUT Expert CRBuke to talk his favorite strategies in Madden Ultimate Team!

Top 5 Tips
1. Start by playing solo challenges to build up your coins.
2. Learn the market prices, buy low sell high, and use the undercut method.
3. Anticipate future collections.
4. Do not buy packs with coins—go to the auction house and find your players.
5. Build your team based on your play style.

Top 5 Sleepers
1. Brandon Banks (WR/KR/PR)
2. Brandon Browner (CB): 6’4″, 85 Man, 94 Zone, 89 Speed
3. Marcel Reece (FB): 90 Speed, great receiver
4. Josh Freeman (QB): 94 Throw Power
5. Jared Cook (TE): All-around beast

Top 5 Defensive Players
1. Dick “Night Train” Lane (CB)
2. Patrick Willis (MLB)
3. Rod Woodson (CB/FS/SS)
4. Derrick Brooks (OLB)
5. Reggie White (DE)

Top 5 Offensive Players
1. Shannon Sharpe (TE)
2. Steve Young (QB)
3. Emmitt Smith (RB)
4. (Tie) Michael Irvin/Calvin Johnson (WR)
5. Gene Upshaw (LG)

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