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"How Would You Like A Step-By-Step System...Designed To Launch You To Elite Status As A Madden 08 Player...Train You To Dominate Your Friends And Give You The Tools You Need To Destroy Guys That Play 6 To 8 Hours A Day --Without Having to Spend Weeks To Get Better?"

This is not a crappy list of cheats and a couple of money plays like you see sold on Ebay every year. It's not a glossy magazine filled with pretty pictures and a bunch of fluffy useless content. With over 1000 pages of intense, hardcore, advanced gaming strategies, you will discover...

How to completely destroy Bump-N-Run Coverage, forcing your opponent to back off your receivers give you time to pick him apart...
What adjustments you need to make against each defensive front so that you can explode through the line and shred the defense with your running game...
How to use the new weapons feature in Madden NFL 08 to exploit your opponent's weaknesses and maximize your strengths....
What route combinations to use against each type of coverage scheme so that you will have players running wide open all over the field...
How to set up enhanced blitzes to bring the heat from both the inside and outside to put your opponent's QB flat on his back time and time again...

And much, much more!

Dear Madden gamer,

My name is Bert Ingley. As the owner of VG Sports for the past 6 years, I have been instrumental in helping thousands of gamers dramatically improve their play and become dominant forces in online, league & tournament play.

I have been featured on G4 and am part of the EA Sports Community Leader program. But most important of all, I have a full time staff of fanatical football gamers. They eat, sleep and breathe video game football.

My team spends hours and hours each week playing the game, working on new strategies in the lab and testing these schemes in every type of competitive arena possible.

Each year we compile our findings in the Virtual Playbook for Madden to show you the step-by-step, competition proven tactics and schemes that will transform you from an average gamer to an elite force in the football gaming community.

With the release of this incredible guide (over 1000 pages each season), you can take your skills from whatever level you are right now to destroying your opponents and embarrassing your friends in a very short time.

It was developed with one and only one thing in domination! It doesn't waste any time or space with basic tactics, it is 100% geared to turning you into an Madden juggernaut.. Instead, I use...

... Hardcore, Elite Gaming Strategies My Team Uses Each & Every Day In Competition

Most strategy guides you see out there have one or two common traits. Either they are packed with pretty pictures, but don't deliver what you really need to become a great player OR they are thrown together by a bunch of kids trying to make a quick buck on Ebay.

My team spends hundreds of hours with the game as they break down, analyze, digest and generally shred every aspect of game play until they find out exactly what works and is most effective in real game situations.

You discover what kinds of defenses really slow down your opponents and which plays you need to throw out before you even get started.

Instead of just giving you an overview of concepts that you can't figure out how to apply come game time...

... We go a step further and give you specific play breakdowns so that you can learn these lessons and instantly apply them to your game.

But that's not all.

We take this a step further by providing you with full color diagrams of each play breakdown as we take you step-by-step through each adjustment, line shift, pass progression and button press.

It's as if you're there, sitting right beside my team looking over our shoulders, and spying on us as we tear the game apart.

It's like going to Mini-Camp with a group of Madden Video Game Coaches, but all from the privacy of your own home.

You not only get tips, schemes, strategies, money plays and enhanced blitzes, but we teach you the logic behind them so that you can keep growing as a player.

How To Score More Points, Shut Down Your Opponent And WIN More Games...

Now's your chance to finally use my team's extensive experience to you advantage, saving you hour and hours of lab time and frustration!

But before I go any further, let me ask you something...

  • Imagine what it would be like to have a team of Madden Football experts sitting right next to you, giving you dozens and dozens of practical gaming strategies...

  • Imagine how much your game would quickly improve as you take advantage of our lab time, breakdowns and competitive experience...

  • Imagine what it would be like to have all of the insider tips, strategies and schemes that top players used to dominate Madden 08, and have them right at your fingertips!

Strategies like...

  • Mastering the Weapons system...
  • Using Auto-Motion...
  • Using Motion in the Running Game...
  • Running the Pro Spread Offense ...
  • Defending the Mobile QB ...
  • Running the West Coast Offense...
  • Defending with the 4-6 Bear...
  • Mastering the Hit Stick 2.0...
  • Developing a Automatic Redzone Offense...
  • Making Pre-Snap Reads...
  • Killing the Defense with Your Shotgun Attack ...

... And much more!

For example, here's a few of the many Offensive Schemes we cover in detail in the Virtual Playbook:

  • Run & Shoot Offense - This attack features motions, multiple formations, and shotgun sets. In it, we are able to attack all areas of the field. You will get awesome picks and rubs in the passing attack to get separation from defenders.

  • West Coast Offense - Most of the top players know the pass game has always been the best way to move the ball. If you drop 1-3 steps back with the quarterback, and then fire the pass, chances are that he will never get sacked.

  • TE Scheme - The Tight End Position is being used more and more in the NFL with athletic plays like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez dominating the middle of the field. We'll get you working the ball to the TE and breaking holes in the defense.

  • Quick Pass Scheme - Line up, snap and throw. The Quick Pass Scheme will have the defense thinking twice about bringing the heat.

  • Compression/Bunch Attack - Patented by Big B several years ago. The Compression remains one of the best ways to force to defense to play your way.

  • Singleback (1 Back) Attack - This sets helps make the passing game the staple of the offense. You have the threat of both vertical and horizontal attacks on every play.

And much, much more.

With these kinds of powerful tips at your disposal, do you think you could take your game up a notch or too. You bet you could! Just putting these schemes into practice would have you moving the ball with ease and lighting up the scoreboard.

That's why I'm completely confident this site is the best investment you're ever going to make if you love Madden Football.

In fact, I'm so confident The Virtual Playbook will be the most powerful weapon in your gaming arsenal, that I fully guarantee your complete satisfaction. I'll give you all the details of my risk-free guarantee in just a few minutes.

... Here's a Partial List of What
You Get With Your Guide:

With your copy of the Virtual Playbook for Madden NFL 08, you get:

  • The complete guide to the passing game. Using the pocket, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run, using play action and more!

  • The complete guide to the running game. Running inside and out, advanced running moves, using motion in the running game, short yardage rushing and more!

  • Expert level guide to winning "hell games". Advanced tactics and strategies that only the best players know how to use...until now.

  • The complete guide to lockdown defense. Defensive shifts, coverage breakdowns, defending the TE, defending motion, dealing with play action and more!

  • Comprehensive New Feature guide. If it's new to the game, it's new to the guide. We'll give you complete coverage of Weapons, Receiver Spotlight, Gang Tackling, Mid Air Collisions, Hit Stick 2.0, Auto-Motion and more!

  • The complete guide to the Madden Playbooks. Diagrams for all the Team Playbooks as well as the generics (West Coast, Run Heavy, etc.) Easy to print and take with you anywhere!

  • The complete guide to rosters & ratings. Rosters, ratings and team power charts for all 32 NFL Football teams in the game are now at your fingertips!

And a lot more. These are the kinds of game breaking tips you will find in the Virtual Playbook for Madden 08 Strategy Guide.

There are a bunch of sites out there that offer little bits of strategy here and there. Some have a couple of player ratings, others a couple of play breakdowns, but nobody can match our 1000+ page guide with the information you need to quickly and dramatically improve your game and become a stud at Madden.

There is so much new content in this guide that we are going to have to break it up into multiple files. You will be getting an absolutely SICK amount of content.

This is just a taste of what's waiting for you. There's a ton more information that I haven't even covered here, everything from disguising your defensive coverages to using slide protection in the running game. Ready to get going? Click here to order your guide now.

I'm totally confident that your Virtual Playbook for Madden 08 is going to completely blow you away! In fact...

... Here's How to Get Your Hands On the Virtual Playbook for Madden 08 before anyone else does!

The regular price for a our strategy guide this year will be $35. Thousands of members paid this last year and it is worth every penny. But keep reading for a special discount I'm going to give you if you order today.

But for a limited time, I'm making you a very special offer I'm positive you can't refuse. Right now, you can get your copy of the Virtual Playbook for just $27. We are talking the price of a pizza, movie ticket and a bucket of popcorn!

Think about the number of hours you spend each year playing Madden. Think of how much you hate losing and how much you love to win.

I think you agree that this is one of the best bargains going.

Now, if you're still skeptical, remember that...

In fact, I'm so confident The Virtual Playbook will be the most powerful weapon in your gaming arsenal, that I fully guarantee your complete satisfaction.

My Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Money-Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident about our guide as I am and my customers are. But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Take a full 30 days to examine and use the Virtual Playbook for Madden 08. That's right, you have 30 days to put this valuable guide to work right on your own machine.

Imagine all of the time you'll save in these 30 days alone. No more sleepless nights trying to find a decent passing play or the like. You'll save yourself time so that you can get down to competing!

Plus if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be left holding the bag.

I've offered my "Nothing To Lose guarantee" for years. If our guides don't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you.

Just return your guide and we'll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 30 day guarantee!

The truth is, you NEVER have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you take our strategies and apply them, you'll be too busy winning games to ever look back.

Order Your Copy Today And Get
The Following Bonuses for FREE...

When you order your copy of the Virtual Playbook for Madden 08, we've prepared some special bonuses to get you off on the right foot.

Bonus #1: 5 Ready Made Play Call Sheets

With some many different play options in this years game, it can be tough to figure out what plays to call in each situation. We've put together play call sheets to help you out with your decision making in each of the last couple of years.This year we are taking the next step by giving you pre-filled game plan sheets.

We've taken 5 of the unique playbooks sure to be popular choices in this year's game and broken out plays by down, distance and situation.

You'll get these 5 printable game plan sheets modeled after the ones you see coaches holding on the sidelines for each game.

Bonus #2: Best of 2007 - Madden Filmroom Articles

Each week, my team breaks down new strategies for Madden as part of our Filmroom product. As a special bonus for reserving your Madden guide early, I'm going to send you 25 of my favorite writeups from the 07 Filmroom.

These killer plays and schemes will carry forward into the 08 game and will give you a head start with your preparation for the new season.

Bonus #3: VG Sports Exclusive Quick Glance Power Charts

You gotta know what you are up against. Every team has impact players and hidden jewels. We give you the key ratings for every player on all 32 Teams. As a special bonus, we have also created our own exclusive Quick Glance Power Charts for each team.

Now you can take a look at a base formation for both offense and defense and see where the team's strengths and weakness reside.

Bonus #4: 1-Hour Audio Grilling Session As Team VG Sports Breaks Down the New Game

One of our goals this year is to help you get inside the mind of an elite baller and understand how top players go about their business. Words and pictures on a computer screen only go so far.

That's why I will release a special 60 minute conference call with our resident Madden experts Kobra, PhillyRon, Big B, LBzRule & Reality to make sure you get everything you need to dominate Madden 08.

Topics will include:

  • League Preparation. Learn how to scout your league opponents and make adjustment when you face the next time around.

  • Online vs. Offline & Head to Head Play. You have to approach the game differently when you play head-to-head vs. Online. The guys give you the scoop on how to adjust your game plan.

  • Making In-Game Adjustments. You have to change up your game to take advantage of your opponent's tendencies. The team tells you what to look for and how to adjust your play calling to destroy your opponent in the second half of games.

  • Maximizing Practice Mode. All of the best players are lab rats. You have to spend serious time in practice mode to be a great player. Learn how to make the most of your practice sessions so you can make the most of your game in competition.

Virtual Playbook for Madden 08 Reservation Form


Sign me up ASAP, Bert! I want to make this season of Madden Football my most competitive ever!

I understand that:

  • I will receive my Virtual Playbook for Madden 08 immediately!

  • My investment is only $27 for full access to the Virtual Playbook ebook guide.

  • My order is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first 30 days of receiving my guide, I can ask for a complete refund.

  • To download and open my ebook, I will need a Windows PC or a Mac with Parallels/Bootcamp Installed.

Current Gen Gamers (PS2, Xbox1 & PC)
1. Click here to purchase the Virtual Playbook for Madden '08 (PS2, Xbox1 & PC ) right now with our secure server.
2. Click here to print an order form to mail your payment in. We accept check or money orders made out to VG Sports, Inc.

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Best Regards ,

Bert Ingley
VG Sports, Inc.


If you don't get your copy today, then you are putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

While you are at work or school, there will be tons of players prepping in the lab and waiting to spank your butt as soon as you get online.

I can't promise you that you will become the greatest player ever known to man. I don't know how much time you have to devote to learning our strategies, and for all I know you might be a complete and total clutz on the sticks (there is still hope for you with our guide though).

What I can promise you is that if you apply the strategies and tactics that we break down in this guide, you will improve. You will be more competitive and you will win more games than ever before.

Seriously, it's only $27 for hundreds of hours of work by my staff. We are talking a large pizza and a movie ticket here vs. your opportunity to smack people in the head with this game.

I've shown you above the great lengths that my team is going to to make sure that you are the best player that you can possibly be. The rest is up to you...



Even if you cancel and ask for a refund within 30 days, the conference call & Best of 2007 Madden Filmroom are yours to keep for your trouble. It's my way of saying "thanks for giving it a try." So, even if I refund your $27 you get to keep these bonuses. Click to get your copy now.

"It will change your game life forever!"

"I play with 4 friends on a normal basis. Last year I was the worst player, and lost nine out of ten games played. I would get so frustrated that I would go home and curse everyone I lost to. This year I decided to purchase some VG Sports products. I'm on a 9 game winning streak with no losses, and for once the tables have turned. Know one knows what my plays are, or why they cannot cover anyone of my men.

I have learned how to call a play make minor changes to the play, because I now can tell what type of coverage my opponent is using. I have not revealed to anyone why I'm so strong at the game. I have told everyone who is not part of my circle on how great this system can be if you put the time in to learn the power plays. I will never tell the players in my circle because I love winning! My quote of the day is "If you want to be the best you have to pay for the best!" It will change your game life forever!"

-- Michael DeLeon
Online Gamer

"The Virtual Playbook is a tool that you cannot put a price tag on!"

"This just in.. The Virtual Playbook is a tool that you cannot put a price tag on.. The book is something that I find myself going back to and needing day in and day out.. Believe you me when I tell you this, I have been a customer of VG Sports since the conception and the service and quality of their products have improved year in and year out.. This is coming from a Veteran in the Madden community so this is not something that only the "Pros" can use this is something for everybody.. From the Franchise mode players to the Madden Challenge Champions.. Good Job VG!"

-- Reality Wynn
Los Angeles Baller Club

"My friends cannot believe my success and are frustrated when I pick apart the defense."

"I was not the greatest player out there. Yet through studying the guide and following the steps and tips given (in great detail!) I was able to up my game 300%. My friends cannot believe my success and are frustrated when I pick apart the defense. It doesn't matter anymore that they run man to man or zone I can read them like a book.

I have more time in the pocket and my hot routes and formation shifts cause chaos in the secondary (more mismatches then you can believe). If you wanna be the ultimate madden player and show off to your friends the VG guides are the key!!!"

-- Joe D'Anunzio
Online Gamer

"You shouldn't even waste your time looking elsewhere for a guide for the elite"

"From what a play is to how to optimize your player on every said play, it's all in there. They have breakdowns you wouldn't even think of that benefit you to the fullest. If you want to learn the ins and outs of not only the game but Football, you shouldn't even waste your time looking elsewhere for a guide for the elite. VG Sports has it hands down.!"

-- Jonathon Shields
Online Gamer

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