Mail Bag Monday: This Week in Madden Episode 72

What’s up, Madden NFL Gamers?!

What else is there to say? Not only did last week kick off our fourth This Week in Madden season, but Sunday marked the first full day of NFL football!

Hopefully you made time to get in some Madden between the failed touchdown celebration attempts and the fantasy football highs and lows. If not, no worries; we’ll be here all week.

And, of course, you know what that means! Another episode of TWIM! Not only does this mark our second episode this season, but it’s actually our 72nd episode of TWIM overall! We’ve been doing this a long time.

On this week’s episode of TWIM we’ll be making an exciting announcement regarding our partnership with Virgin Gaming. Trust us, you’ll want to watch this episode. (Here’s a hint: If you haven’t registered at yet, DO. IT. NOW. At least do it before the show.)

We’ll still have our Lightning Round segment (where you can call in and win free eGuides) and the Game of the Week, sponsored by Virgin Gaming, where we highlight some of the best tips and tactics to help elevate your game.

As always, be sure to tune in this Thursday at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST on!

Remember, we need your questions for this week’s Mail Bag. Leave your question below in the Comments section, and we’ll choose some of the best to answer live on the show.

See you on the field!
The MaddenTips Team

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0 thoughts on “Mail Bag Monday: This Week in Madden Episode 72

  1. hey guys, My offense seems to come to halt in the redzone. How can I score touchdowns rather than always settling for field goals.

    • 4-3 Under
      Edge Sting
      Only thing you need to do is pinch the defensive line
      User guard the running back. If the running back goes out on a route then cover him. If he stays in to blow blitz the guy who is covering the running back also

    • 43 under , slant crash left , set up; shift line right , crash d line out ,reblitz the de on the right of screen , reblitz the tackle next to the de , and contain the other tackle , this sound like a lot of steps but its actually really easy /fast to set up , your going to get a gap pressure , if they block there hb or slide protect it will stop the blitz , but a cover 1 A gap blitz is always useful ,sam blitz 2 is the same exact thing just the zone version

      • 43 under , slant crash left, set up ; shift line right , crash d line out , reblitz both tackles and the de on the right of screen , i said to put the 1 tackle in a contain i meant to say reblitz both tackles

  2. How do you keep the CB from following the WR over to the other side. When in man or zone coverage their is nothing to stop this ……… is this a glitch from EA ?

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    • Arizona would be my choice. If you watched the game of the week on TWIM? Farls picked apart Gibs defense with the Curl Flats concept. It might be the best offense for Madden this year.

  4. I am having a problems facing the Oakland Raiders offense. Guys come out in a spread offense then audible to singleback ace and it put Heyward-Bey and Jacoby Ford at TE. I cant press them. Any tips on how to stop a offense like that?

  5. Ok fellas one thing I’m not feeling much about madden 13 is defensive audibling. Depending on the situation I like to come out in a formation then check down to one of my audibles. But if I try to switch audibles again I have to wait like the offense does for everybody to get aligned. The problem with that is offense can hold X (ps3) a (Xbox) to hurry their guys up and theirs nothing u can do on defense. I’ve got burnt many times because of this.

    • ya ik what you mean , also if you audible to 1 of your plays it takes 4 ever to show blitz ,cuz you have to wait for you guys to get in there position , but if you come out in the play you want you can show blitz right away ,

  6. Do you think sites like your own help or hurt the game play of madden? basically you find exploits in the game and put them out there for all to see. not a fan of that, i believe players should play to their opponent not the CPU A.I.

    • the problem with exploits is every 1 knows em , and every 1 uses them , so if you dont know them your never gonna win , sites like this 1 level the playing field , if every 1 knows the same exploits it makes the game more fair , your only at a disadvantage if you dont know the exploits, this site actually teaches you football concepts with some exploits, if they really wanted to they could just show the disconnect glitch and thats all they would ever need 2 show you lol, just think back when there was no youtube , there was only maybe 5 people that knew any of these glitches and people always wondered how the #1 guy was 500-0 lol

    • I want the cleanest, best game possible and share anything questionable with the EA Sports Gamechangers for feedback. We use all real football tactics and strategy and don’t promote or teach glitches.

  7. I have a friend who has less experience playing the game then I do, so when we play, we use the skill level handicap. For example, he sets his skill level to Pro, and I set mine on All-Madden. Is playing with a handicap an effective or useful way to practice?

  8. Go into the Gun Ace and run this play and make sure you put the 2 TE’s on fade routes and hit them on a quick pass. It works really good with the Patriots because you have 2 great TE’s

    Hitch Corners

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