MLB 12 The Show Vs Madden NFL 13 - What Can EA Learn?

This isn’t a post to speculate on what old MLB The Show Director Kolbe Launchbaugh is doing down at EA, but more of a what lessons can Madden take from a game as popular (metacritically) as SCEA’s MLB The Show. In case your curious, We did get to meet Kolbe while we were down at NCAA Community Day, he is settling in nicely and was enthustiac to get started! He was very sharp and will make a great addition to the company.

Why has MLB The Show been a great success?

Madden 13 Vs MLB The Show 12

Road to the Show has been where SCEA has spent tons of time really focusing their game around, even the name leads you to guess that is what you will be doing. Madden has a superstar mode, but it isn’t the main focus and hasn’t gotten the consistent upgrades each year since it isn’t a main back of the box feature. Should Madden focus more on individual players like NCAA has done with recent updates to Road To Glory? I don’t think so, Madden has so many more aspects that have to be refined each year. I’d love to see the number of true “gameplay changes” between the games for the last few years.

What EA Should Implement from MLB 12 The Show: I love the in depth stats that are displayed during your Road To The Show Career. You know what goals you have to specifically meet and how you can spend your points on those players. In Superstar, you have to get points, but, you can earn those stats by playing the game improperly. NHL has done a good job by monitoring your behavior in game and rewarding players who play the right way. I would like to see EA bring the stats to the forefront and make them easy to see no matter what mode you are in. Sometimes in Online Ranked, I forget how many stats are available to me because they are hidden. In Franchise, if you don’t check the injuries, you could miss something from another team that can impact your game. Road To The Show is immersive and I would like to see Madden get that in-depth.  I still have to make up my storylines with MLB too, but I have stats and performance feedback that helps my imagination get running.

Where would MLB The Show like to borrow from EA? Well according to PastaPadre MLB has weak online play once again… This is one area where EA has excelled in my mind. The ability to hop onto a ranked game fined a similar skilled opponent or invite a friend and duke it out with minimal lag. Is it perfect, no but EA is a far cry from UFC 3 which had server issues and of course NBA 2K which is consistently bad. I hope communities improve for Madden 13 and can give us gamers a place to battle it out with like minded players!

Also, bring MLB 12 – The Show over to Xbox!

What MLB The Show elements would you like to see added to Madden 13?

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