Peyton Manning To Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been selected by Peyton Manning as the choice team for next season. Tim Tebow carried the Bronco’s to a playoff berth last season, but it appears he will now be traded according to Adam Schefter.

The Broncos were a popular Madden 12 Team due to Tebow’s ability to run and throw the short and deep ball. Tebow has a solid trucking rating and got nice upgrades during his team’s win streak.

Best Home For Tebow?

Jacksonville and Miami (no Brandon Marshall) are two teams that struggle in Madden, but adding Tebow could give them some life. If the option is added and Reggie Bush and Tim Tebow get going, look out!

The Patriots also have Josh McDaniels who drafted Tebow and could possibly bring him in as a backup/specialty QB? They have done crazier moves!

What Madden 13 Roster do you want to see Tim Tebow Join?

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